Best Guides for skinny guys (Based on science) to gain muscle very fast

Sometimes, life is not fair. You may work hard in the gym, may have enough diet, and try your best to lift the weight but you may still struggle to gain weight. It is even harder when you see other guys doing the bare minimum and gaining more weight than you, easily.

But, don’t lose hope, yet. You can still gain weight but you may have already learned that the normal way of hitting the gym and hoping that you will gain weight doesn’t work for you.
Once, I was also in the same place as you, wondering why I can’t gain weight and almost gave up my desire for a well-built body. But, one day I decided to explore if there is something for skinny guys or guys that can’t gain muscle that we can implement to gain muscle like normal people.

This is when I stumbled upon many guides, programs, video training, and whatnot. Many of those were waste of time while some of them have been really life-changing. I have found that many “Gurus” in the fitness industry have no idea what they are talking about, I mean the real science behind muscle gain. They are just reiterating the tactics they learned somewhere or somehow worked for them: there lies the biggest problem that “Not all human beings are made the same.”

This difference is what causes some people to gain muscle easily while some struggle to gain a few hundred grams. So, the guide from the people who know why things happen and the science behind it and go above and beyond to give the best of themselves are the only ones that work.

In this blog post, I will share with you the THREE best guides that actually helped me to gain muscle and transform myself. Although I am nowhere near the level of a professional bodybuilder or not even the bulkiest guy in my gym, these guides have helped me to become the best I have ever been in my life and I am very proud of where I am now.

I am sure these guides will help you to be the best of you too and get the body you always wanted. So, let’s start.

1. Primal Gains

The guide that I love the most is primal gains by Josh Byron. The two reasons why I love primal gains so much are:

1. This guide is actually made especially for the guys that can not gain weight as most of the guides on the internet are for the general masses and most of the time do not work for guys like us.

2. This guy, Josh Bryon, actually knows what he is talking about and has the best scientific knowledge about the workings of the body, metabolism, muscle hypertrophy, anabolic adaptation cycle, and whatnot. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know about every scientific detail of those things, he will teach you the steps in simple language which you can implement right away.

The best part of primal gains is that besides teaching you about the exercise that you can do to gain maximum gains only, Josh provides a complete guide about diet, and supplements, as well as guidance about gaining maximum weight with minimal or most optimal efforts.

He will provide you with about 8 pdfs with detailed descriptions about everything you need to get jacked and trust me when I say I have paid more than $300 dollar for similar guides and sadly didn’t work. You can absolutely gain access to primal gains right now at just $27 against a marked price of $249 (90% discount) and if you ask me that is the best dollar I have ever spent in my life.

2. Lean Gains

Martin Berkhan is one of the well-known personalities in the fitness industry. He is also credited for the popularization of intermittent fasting. He claims that Leangains is the birthplace of intermittent fasting. Anyway, in short, Leangains is the guide that provides you with a complete overview of gaining muscle weight without adding fat.

Leangains focuses on two major aspects: changing the traditional method of doing exercise and doing it in a modern scientific way and changing your food habits to include foods that will keep your belly full, and help you gain muscle weight without adding fat.

Martin Berkhan is also one of the guys who knows what he is talking about and points out his reasoning straight ahead. This guide is as concise as you need but at the same time provides a wealth of knowledge.

3. AthleanX

AthleanX is another cool guy who shares an insane amount of good knowledge on his free YouTube channel. He is also one of the Fitness influencers I regularly watch and I have been so impressed by his content on YouTube that I decided to buy his guide. His guide is mainly focused on the correct way of doing workouts and getting the best of ourselves by doing only the exercises that matter with the position that works best.

He provides guidance based on science and with him, you have the opportunity to judge him before paying him any penny if you want to be sure. Also, I think he shares so much content freely on his YouTube channel, for normal gymgoers who are not trying to be professional, the free content might be enough. Anyway, it is up to you to decide whether you need that guide or not.

So, these three guides are the ones that work for me the best out of the more than 50 guides I bought and wasted so much money on. I hope these guides will help you too to get the dream body you always want. Please feel free to comment how useful these guides became for you.

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