Are Push Ups Good For Ectomorphs?

shirtless man in black shorts doing push ups on low dip bars outside

The fitness world is constantly evolving. With new diet plans, workout routines, and training habits that are created every day. And during all these years, one exercise always stood at the top. An exercise that’s considered in almost all the workout routines as one of the most important exercises you can do. And that is push-ups. So as an Ectomorph, you probably ask yourself this question: “Are push-ups good for all body types?” and more specifically: “Are push-ups good for Ectomorphs?

Push ups are one of the most important exercises for the Ectomorph body type. In fact, compared to the other body types, it’s much easier for beginner Ectomorphs to do push ups because of their low body fat percentage. That means that they have less bodyweight to push so they can easily do multiple repetitions which can significantly increase their muscle mass over time.

Are Push Ups Good For Ectomorphs?

A lot of people hate doing push ups just because they’re hard or they think that it’s useless. In fact, push ups are one of the greatest exercises ever invented simply because they can be performed anywhere. You only need your body weight in order to fully execute them. And it’s perfect for Ectomorphs because they’re a full upper-body exercise that targets multiple muscle groups and that can be modified and adapted easily to your liking. 

Here are 6 of the most important benefits of push ups:

Push Ups Workout Multiple Muscle Groups At The Same Time

guy doing pushups

Push ups are extremely important simply because they’re considered a compound movement. That means that they activate multiple muscle groups at the same time instead of targeting just one. And if you follow my Ectomorph workout plan, I’ve talked about the importance of compound movements for Ectomorphs. Due to the rapid metabolism that Ectomorphs tend to have, compound movements are the perfect exercise to implement during your workout routines because they do the most while consuming the least of amount energy and thus, maximizing your training efficiency. Push ups-if performed correctly-can activate not only the chest and triceps but also the core and shoulders.

Push-Ups Can Easily Be Modified

Athletic man doing push-ups on kettlebells

This is the beauty of push ups, unlike the other exercises, there are tons of variations that can easily be modified to your liking and to the level of difficulty you’d like to achieve. So if you’re struggling to do one simple push up, you can always ease up the difficulty and change it to a knee push up. If you’d like to work the triceps more, you can transition to a diamond push up which is harder to do but extremely efficient, Or if you want to really raise the bar and challenge yourself, you can try the one-arm push-up (not recommended for beginners). You can read more about these variations on my Ectomorph home workout.

Push Ups Don’t Require Any Equipements

man doing push-ups on white floor

As I mentioned earlier, push ups can be done at any time and from anywhere. You don’t need any equipment whatsoever. They can be a great addition to incorporate into your home workout. They’re challenging and can be easily adapted to any sort of fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, there’s always a push up variant that can make you challenge yourself.

Push Ups Are Beneficial For Your Core

man in gray jacket doing push-ups during sunrise

While you may think that push ups can only work the chest or triceps, they’re actually extremely beneficial for your core and your midsection in general. They help strengthen the core’s stabilization muscles which can make it really easy to do multiple activities that require strength. A strong core can improve your balance and stability, tone your abs, and reach your fitness goals.

Push Ups Are a Functional Exercise

A man pushing a woman sitting on an office chair

Push ups are also great functional exercises. But what is a functional exercise? It’s a classification of strength exercises that readies your body for daily activities. Think of it this way, the motion and movement we use to perform push ups is the same one we use in pushing a kid on a swing for example, or pushing open a door or even a grocery cart. 

Push Ups Are Impressive

man doing one arm pushups on pavement

Besides the physical benefits of push ups, they are very impressive, especially from an outside perspective. Being able to lift your body weight off the ground for multiple repetitions is really empowering. They make you feel strong, confident, and capable of pushing yourself to your limits. And as an Ectomorph, you should take full advantage of being able to do more push ups than the average person due to your low body fat percentage and lightweight in general.

With the ability to adapt push ups according to your fitness level and the fact that you don’t need any sort of equipment to make it a more challenging workout, push ups are one of the most effective and efficient exercises that you can implement into your training routine. As an Ectomorph, and whether you’re a beginner or a veteran when it comes to training, push ups and their different varieties can be a great addition to your workout plan. Not only does it increase your strength, but it will also make you feel and look good.

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