Are Ectomorphs Good Fighters?

When it comes to our daily lives, being able to handle yourself in a street fight is a pretty crucial skill to have, especially with all the bad things happening out there, you’ll never know when you’re gonna use it, maybe to defend yourself or someone in need. So it’s better to be always prepared and have a good physique to handle a fight.

If you’re an Ectomorph, you probably heard all sorts of stuff on the internet and came to the conclusion that you’re weak, skinny, and slender and will never be able to pack on any muscles. And you ask yourself this question: Are Ectomorphs good fighters?

Yes. Ectomorphs are really good fighters because one of the most important things you need in a fight is to have a long reach, which can prevent your opponent from striking back or even getting close to you. And all Ectomorphs tend to have longer arms and legs than the average person.

Now let’s talk more in-depth on why Ectomorphs tend to dominate when it comes to fighting in general.

Ectomorphs in MMA

Israel Adesanya

An ectomorph body type has a lot of unique perks which can give a huge advantage when it comes to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Ectomorphs tend to have longer arms and legs which translates to having a longer reach thus preventing your opponent from ever getting close to you during a fight.

Let’s take a look at Israel Adesanya for example, notice how he pretty much dominates the MMA game, have you ever asked why?

Well, I can guarantee you that he’s 100% an Ectomorph, he has extremely long arms and legs, so it takes little to no effort when trying to kick people in the face or punch them without getting too close to them or while trying to lock onto them.

Add to that his height, which prevents his opponents from grappling and controlling him, and you get a perfect MMA fighter.

More examples of great Ectomorphs fighters are:

  • Tony Ferguson
  • Zabit Magomedsharipov
  • Max Holloway
  • Nate Diaz

Ectomorphs in Muay Thai:

two guys in a muay thai fight

Muay Thai or “Thai Boxing” is a unique martial art and combat sport that uses different techniques of striking and clinching using fists, elbows, knees, and shins.

In Muay Thai, having a long reach is also very crucial to land those varieties of kicks and punches which is really easy to do as an Ectomorph.

The Ectomorph body type also uses way less energy to make those muscles work for them which can be very helpful during those later rounds when the opponent is gassed out.

Ectomorphs In Boxing:

two people boxing

When it comes to boxing, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind which is considered the most important skill to have in this sport? Besides punch power, speed and reflexes, having good cardio is the only thing that will matter during those later rounds.

And guess what, one of the most unique perks of having an Ectomorph body type, is that it tends to have less muscle mass but also less fat. This is great because your body will need less energy to fuel them, thus giving you a huge advantage.

Having a lot of strength is nothing if you don’t have good conditioning, and this is why boxers spend a lot of time in the gym trying to build that cardio to not get gassed. And being an Ectomorph, this feature is already printed in your genetics.

There have been many fights where the thinner, tinier fighter comes back during the later rounds of a boxing match, and scores that knock out just because he has still some energy to spare, unlike the buffier, more muscly fighter who’s already gassed out during the mid-rounds.

How would an ectomorph perform during a street fight?

skinny guy punching

Remember, safety first, if you pick a fight you can’t handle, you’re probably going to get yourself in trouble but if you feel like you’re confident in your skills, then don’t get scared to put on a good show.

So, if you’re an ectomorph and come across a situation where you need to defend yourself or someone in need, remember that nothing comes without practice, so it’s better to learn some fighting skills beforehand like the ones mentioned in this article (MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing).

You’ll already have the advantage of a longer reach, better cardio, and stronger kicks and punches overall, so you’ll actually surprise your opponent with how strong you are given your small appearance which will give you the upper hand during the fight.

You genetically have the body type you were born with and which cannot be changed, so use that to your advantage and learn how to adapt to it. And remember, nothing comes without hard work and practice!

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