F45 Docklands Workout [Everything You Need to Know]

If you’re like me, then you’re probably bored with the typical gym routine that you perform on a daily basis. These can get pretty repetitive from time to time which can be demotivating. When that happens, then it’s probably time to change things up and try different approaches to training. One of the best ways to do that is by joining a gym that provides you with workouts so you don’t have to such as F45 Training. This fitness center offers over 50 unique workouts that will make you challenge your body and motivate you to train. One of these workouts is called the F45 Docklands, what is it about? How is it performed? And is it challenging?

The F45 Docklands workout is a high-intensity interval training session that consists of a lot of jumping exercises while alternating between long and short periods of work and rest to confuse the body and build endurance. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what the F45 workout is all about, if it’s hard, and show some examples of how it’s performed.

What is the F45 Docklands Workout?

f45 docklands workout

As we all know, F45 training was originally founded in Australia, and since some names of the different workouts that this fitness center offers represent cities across the world, they had to pay homage to where it all started, I’m talking of course about Docklands which is an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

This city in particular is known for having a mix of land as well as rivers running through it so if you visit it, you’ll constantly see a change of scenery. But what does this have to do with the workout?

Well, this city is pretty much a perfect representation of what the workout is all about. The F45 Docklands is a high-intensity interval training that consists of alternating between long and short periods of work and rest.

So firstly, you’ll be doing exercises and resting for long periods of time then afterward, you’ll be doing shorter bursts of exercises and rest, all in a single 45-minute workout.

But what does this do exactly? Well, when you’re constantly changing the pace at which you train your body, it’ll get confused. As a result, it will provide you with better results.

If you repeat the same routine over and over again, the body adapts to it and thus, it won’t grow in terms of endurance and strength. However, if you follow the Docklands workout, then your body has no other choice than to give you results. 

Here is everything you need to know about this workout:

  • Stations: 12
  • Pods: 3
  • Laps: 4 per pod
  • Sets: 1 per station
  • Timing: 60/30, 30/10, 20/5, 20/5

F45 Docklands Workout Example:

Here are two examples of what an F45 Docklands workout will look like (keep in mind that this may look different depending on your studio).

Workout Example 1:

Ultimate timing:

  • Set 1 – 40 work / 20 rest
  • Set 2 – 30 work / 10 rest
  • Set 3 – 20 work / 5 rest
  • Set 4 – 20 work / 35 clean / move
  • 2 x 30-second hydration breaks

Normal timing:

  • Lap 1- 60 work/30 rest
  • Lap 2 – 30 work/10 rest
  • Lap 3 – 20 work/5 rest
  • Lap 4 – 20 work/5 rest
  1. deadball overhead slams
  2. hand walks in and hand walks out
  3. 10 x dumbbell punches + 2 x squat and press
  4. lateral line hop5
  5. balance trainer 10 x mountain climber and overhead press
  6. speed sprawls
  7. sledgehammer twist into reverse lunge
  8. broad jump shuffle back
  9. revo triple switch and hold
  10. 10 x ice skaters + 2 x lateral shoot through
  11. 10 x bicycle kicks + 2 x Russian twist preview
  12. box toe taps

Workout Example 2:

12 Stations, 3 People Per Station

3 Pods, 4 laps per pod, 1 set at each station

  • Lap 1: 60 work/30 rest;
  • Lap 2: 30 work/10 rest 
  • Lap 3: 20 work/5 rest
  • Lap 4: 20 work/5 rest
  1. 5 x Sprawl + 2 x Prisoner Squat
  2. Plank and Side Kick
  3. Plyometric Lunge
  4. 4 x Ice Skaters + Forward Reverse Shuttle
  5. Suspension Trainer Bilateral Row
  6. Step Trainer Low Squat Jumps
  7. 1 x Inchworm + 10 x Mountain Climber
  8. Medicine Ball Jump Squat + Burpee
  9. 10 x High Knees + 5 x Tuck Jumps
  10. Bicycle Ab Crunch
  11. Revo Overhead Running
  12. Balance Trainer 5x Squat Pulse 5x In Out

Is F45 Docklands Workout Hard?

According to the majority of F45 members, the Docklands workout is one of the most intense ones that this fitness studio offers since it requires both endurance and strength in order to get through it successfully as you’ll be alternating between long periods of exercises followed by shorter bursts.

After you finish the workout, your knees and shins will be in pain (since it involves a lot of jumping) but you’ll feel great about it since it provides a solid workout with a lot of calorie burning. 


If you’ve never done a Docklands workout before and are not sure what to expect, then I hope this article made it more clear for you. Just remember that if you find it too difficult, just ask the trainers there to help you out or make it less intense and they’ll be glad to do it.

All that matters is that you have a solid workout and push your body to its fullest potential. 

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