Should Skinny Guys Do HIIT?

When it comes to working out, there are many methods that you can follow in order to diversify your training routine to constantly surprise your body to maximize efficiency and growth. And with dozens of methods out there, you’ve probably heard the name “HIIT” come out quite often. It refers to high-intensity interval training which is a unique method that relies on short and intense exercises followed by a period of rest. With that being said, is it suitable for skinny guys? In other words, should skinny guys do HIIT?

It’s true that there are other methods of training that are more efficient and beneficial in terms of gaining weight and building muscles, but HIIT or any other form of cardiovascular exercise is necessary for skinny guys. The most important thing is that you eat enough calories in order to compensate for the ones burned during the intense routine.

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about if skinny guys should do HIIT, their benefits, as well as why you should implement them in your training routine.

Should Skinny Guys Do HIIT?

skinny guy doing HIIT

To answer this question, I’ll talk about the one thing that I regretted most during my 3-year fitness journey, and that is not doing enough cardiovascular exercises. It’s true that I managed to overcome the struggle of not gaining weight or building muscles, but it came with the sacrifice of not lacking cardio. Whether it’s running, playing football with my friends, or going on a hike, I’m always the first guy that gets tired. And that’s because my body has to put in a lot more energy than average to fuel my muscles compared to other people.

If I could go back in time and change one thing about my training routine, I would start implementing a lot more cardiovascular exercises. And if you’re like me and you get bored so easily from doing these types of exercises, then HIIT training is the most fun alternative to the usual running and what’s even better, is that with the right routine, it even works most of your muscles. In fact, now that I’m 3 years deep into my fitness journey, I’m starting to implement cardiovascular exercises more, and the main one that I do is HIIT.

So if you’re a skinny guy and a beginner just like I used to be, I highly recommend implementing HIIT into your workout routine. It’s not gonna do much at first in terms of muscle building and weight gain, but it’s a lot worth it in the long term. Don’t do the same mistake that I did!

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Benefits of HIIT For Skinny Guys

skinny guy doing jump ropes

Besides the fact that HIIT is one of the best and most fun cardiovascular exercises, it has a lot more benefits:

It’s Time-Efficient

If you’re a skinny guy, then you probably want to cut your training session time as short as possible (you don’t want to go over 45 minutes which is way more than enough) to avoid burning calories unnecessarily. HIIT is a great way to train as intensely and as efficiently as possible during that short amount of time. And that’s because most HIIT sessions are about 30 to 45 minutes long. And the best part is that it fits perfectly in the busy schedule that most people have nowadays. According to BioMed Research International, compared to the continuous method of training, HIIT greatly improves your aerobic capacity in such a short period of time. 

Improves Heart Health

When you perform any sort of intense training, you’re pretty much pushing your body and heart to their limits. And HIIT is the best at doing that. It’ll improve your heart health and you’ll be able to do a lot more movements during longer periods of time (unlike me, unfortunately). To put this into perspective, if you can only run for about 30 minutes before getting tired, performing HIIT for about 6 weeks will double that time easily. And according to Clin Geriatr Med, HIIT has been proven to improve the quality of life and heart rate and many other benefits.

Doesn’t Require Equipements

This is the best thing about HIIT, you don’t need any sort of equipment to get started. You only need 3 things: your body, your mind, and a strong determination to get through those intense workouts. The majority of movements that are done during a HIIT session are bodyweight exercises. However, some HIIT classes do require equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells to keep things fresh and to avoid getting bored. 

It’s Challenging

If you went through the entire article to this point, then you probably hear me mention the word “intense” quite often and that’s pretty much the only word that can really describe this type of training. It’s intense, challenging, and really pushes you to your limits. And if you’re someone that loves a challenge, then HIIT is the ultimate training for you. I’m pretty sure that in the end, you’ll feel awful and you’ll just want it to end but that’s the beauty of it. If something is challenging then be sure that it’s gonna be rewarding. 

Here is an amazing intense HIIT workout that’s suitable for skinny guys:


Now that you know the many benefits of HIIT workouts, don’t do the same mistake that I did during my fitness journey and implement it in your training routine and I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. It’s such a fun and intense way of training that’s gonna provide you with a new challenge, be an efficient use of your time and improve your heart health.  

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