Should Skinny Guys Do Cycling?

Whenever you go out for a walk or a ride in your car, there is something that you’ll always notice, and that’s cyclists. And that’s pretty normal since this sport has become pretty popular over the years. Not only will cycling help you physically and make you more fit, but it also helps you mentally and has many other benefits. With that being said, is this hobby suitable for skinny guys? In other words, should skinny guys do cycling?

Cycling is of the best hobbies that skinny guys can pick up since it’s an excellent way to build muscles, especially the leg ones. And since it consumes a lot of energy, you need to make sure that you’re eating enough calories to compensate for the ones burned.

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about if skinny guys should do cycling, its benefits, as well as the many reasons why you should pick it up as a hobby.

Should Skinny Guys Do Cycling?

skinny guy doing cycling

To answer this question, you need to keep in mind one important thing, and that’s the fact that cycling can be used as a way to both lose weight as well as to gain weight, it all depends on how you do it. With that in mind, we’ll need to ask ourselves another question: 

What’s the best way for skinny guys to do cycling? 

Just like any form of training, whether it’s running, swimming, or weight-lifting, performing them during long periods of time and without much resistance will make you lose weight, on the other hand, if you perform them during short periods of time and with higher resistance, they will make you gain weight. And it’s pretty much the same with cycling. The best way for skinny guys to do cycling is by limiting the time you’re on a bike and by adding some form of resistance to it. This resistance can be added by going somewhere that has a lot of hills, or by going mountain biking. You pretty much always want to go against gravity if you want to build your muscles.

However, if you don’t have that possibility and you just enjoy going cycling in the city or in the park, then the diet will play a huge role in order to avoid weight loss. As I mentioned in the beginning, cycling consumes a lot of energy, that’s why you need to compensate for the calories burned by eating a lot. If you’re always on a surplus, then you’ll never have to worry about losing weight and cycling will actually build your muscles, especially your leg ones.

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Why Should Skinny Guys Start Cycling?

skinny guy on a mountain bike

There are many reasons why you should start cycling:

It Makes You Explore Your Surroundings

If you’re used to going out to work or to school using your car or some form of public transport, then you pretty much use the same route every single day. With cycling, you’re free to go wherever you want and it’s the best way to explore your surroundings. Whether it’s a narrow alley or a shortcut through the woods, cycling gives you the ability to use any route you want. And I guarantee you that you’ll get to your destination at a much faster rate.

It’s Suitable for Everybody

Whether you’re skinny, overweight, young, or old, cycling is suitable for everybody and for all body shapes. It doesn’t matter if you get tired too quickly, you like to ride fast, or you take things slowly, you can go depending on your own pace. 

It Doesn’t Cost Much

In fact, it doesn’t cost anything at all except for the initial investment of the bike. But nowadays, you can get bikes for as cheap as 50$. And unlike cars or other forms of public transport, you don’t have to pay for gas nor for any fees. It’s totally free and beneficial at the same time and gives you the same results. And if you don’t like to spend money that much, then you’ll be glad to know that it helps you cut travel costs as well as the cost of joining a gym. If you just want to get fit, then cycling is perfect for you.

It Saves The Environnement

Unlike cars, bikes produce zero pollution making them the best form of transport that protects the environment. If everyone on this earth rode bikes, then we probably wouldn’t’ve had the same alarming effects of climate change that we’re noticing today. So why not be the first one to take a step towards a more sustainable life and make bikes your main form of transport. 

Benefits of Cycling For Skinny Guys

men riding bicycles on the street

Another reason why you should start cycling is because of its many benefits:

It Builds Muscles

Unlike what many people think, cycling doesn’t only make you lose weight, if you pair it with the right diet, it can help you build your muscles, especially your legs (quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves). Top it off with some form of resistance training for your upper body, and you’ll sculpt the body of your dreams.

It Improves Your Mood

Did you know that any form of exercise will improve your mood? Whether it’s swimming or weight-lifting and so on, your body releases endorphins (pretty much the hormone responsible for your happiness). And unlike many other forms of exercise, cycling combines the physical aspect with the fact that you’re outdoors and exploring new territories and just feeling free overall. And when you cycle, you stop thinking about all the worries and stress in your life, and you open up your mind to make the right decisions. 

It Improves Your Immune System

According to many research, cycling can improve your immune system. It’s true that many forms of exercise are able to achieve that, but cycling does it the best. And with a good immune system, your body will be able to prevent many diseases, and you’ll end up increasing your longevity.


Now that you know the many benefits of cycling as well as the reasons why you should consider starting this amazing hobby as a skinny guy, I hope you’ll no more confusion on this subject. Cycling can build your muscles and improve your mood and your immune system. And to top it off, it totally free, it’s suitable for everybody, and it’s the best sustainable form of transport. Just make sure that you’re eating enough as a skinny guy to compensate for the amount of energy that cycling consumes and you’ll end up gaining weight and building your muscles instead of getting skinner. 

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