Can Skinny Guys Fight?

Learning how to fight is one of the most useful skills to have in our arsenal. There may come a time where you’re gonna have to defend yourself one way or another or protect someone in need. Real-life isn’t some kind of superhero movie where most fights are choreographed and will go your way, in most cases, it takes brute force, strength, and sheer luck to come out on top and dominate your opponent which is why most people question if skinny guys can really fight or not.

It all depends on the fighter but generally speaking, skinny guys tend to strike faster and move fairly quicker in fights. They also have a lot of endurance which is the most useful factor in any fight due to the fact that they carry much less weight.

In this article, we’ll talk about if skinny guys can really fight as well as the main reasons why they have an advantage.

Can Skinny Guys Fight?

can skinny guys fight

In order to answer this question, let me first tell you about a story that happened to me during my teen years. Growing up, I was known to be “the skinny tall kid”. I was 15, 5 foot 9 tall, and weighed about 120 pounds which was really low compared to my height. 

I was that type of guy that people would always come up to and put their fingers around my wrist just to emphasize how skinny I was. I’ve got used to it by then but it still made me sad from time to time. 

I remember one day I was playing basketball with my friends during P.E. Everything was normal, we were playing a friendly match when all of a sudden, a bigger (bit overweight) guy that was among the group that we were playing against decided to pick on me for no apparent reason. 

He was saying all sorts of bad stuff about me and the way I look just because he was salty from losing. I’m a calm person that doesn’t get angry easily so I just ignored him like I do for most bullies. 

But he decided to take things to the next level and started to get physical. He pushed me and threw the ball as hard as he could straight to my face. That’s when I decided to stand my ground and not let this get out of control. 

I ran towards him as fast as I could and landed a direct jumping punch (or what people call the superman punch) to his face. To my surprise, the punch had a significant effect on him because It made him fall to his knees. Of course, when he stood up, he tried to land a punch back but I could easily dodge it due to the quickness that comes naturally from being skinny. We exchanged punches for approximately 5 minutes. I still had a ton of energy left and could go on like this for a couple more minutes. The other guy, however, started to pant, he didn’t have any more energy to fuel his big body so he just gave up and my friends decided to break the fight. 

What’s the purpose of telling this story? It’s to show you that skinny guys have an extreme advantage when it comes to fights. And that’s due to many reasons that we’ll go over in the next section.

Main Reasons Why Skinny Guys Can Fight

Based on my own experience and from analyzing the story that I mentioned earlier, skinny guys have a lot of advantages when it comes to fights:

They Strike Faster

When you’re in a fight, the most important thing is that you need to be faster than your opponent because his strikes will be useless if they can’t land, you need to be everywhere and nowhere, and you need to be able to land a punch while dodging every incoming strike that could cause damage. As a skinny person, you’re a lot faster than other people because you don’t carry as much weight as them. You’ll be able to easily move around, land your punches, and run as far away from your opponent as you can. You’re pretty much in control of the whole fight, especially if you know what you’re doing. And that’s exactly what happened during my fight, the other guy couldn’t handle my fast strikes and was desperate to land his own. 

They Have More Endurance

When you don’t carry as much weight, you’re able to last a lot longer during a fight. Essentially, the main fuel source that you’re gonna use is oxygen, and more muscles and fat means that you’ll require a lot more of it. Most bigger guys will gas out fairly quickly during a fight which you can use to your advantage being skinny. Just remember to only throw a punch when you’re sure that you’re gonna land it, otherwise, you’ll run out of energy too and take away one of the only advantages that you have over your opponent. 

They Pack a Suprinsly Strong Punch

Just because you’re skinny, that doesn’t mean that all your punches are gonna be weak. Because size doesn’t always equal strength. If we go back to my story, when I punched that other guy, he did not expect it to make him fall to his knees and neither did I. Surprisingly enough, most skinny guys tend to have strong punches. A bigger person’s strike is still stronger but yours can do damage as well. So always make sure to use this underestimation to your advantage because most guys that’ll pick a fight with you will think that you’re weak.


As you can see from both my experience and the factors that I mentioned, even skinny guys can fight since they strike faster, have more endurance, and can pack a serious punch that will surprise their opponents. But that doesn’t mean that you should go around and pick a fight whenever you can since you’re not gonna win them all. Always avoid violence unless you have no other choice. 

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