Do Ectomorphs live longer?

Ectomorphs are often described as long and skinny with little to no body fat due to their rapid metabolism that’s constantly burning calories, which can be a double-edged sword when it comes to training. So with all these characteristics and features, do ectomorphs live longer?

According to studies, people that maintain the leanest bodies are less likely of having a shorter life. And as an Ectomorph, you naturally have a lean and healthy body which lowers the risk of dying prematurely.

Why do Ectomorphs live longer?

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We all know that obesity leads to illness, this is a well-known fact. This can be caused by having higher amounts of body fat due to different causes like behaviors and genetics.

These behaviors can be related to the lack of physical activity, poor diet choices, serious medical use, and inactivity in general.

And obesity shouldn’t be taken lightly, it can have some serious effects on mental health and the quality of life which can then lead to an early death. That’s because of the different illnesses that come with obesity like diabetes, heart diseases, and strokes.

And remember, these are all caused by having higher amounts of body fat. Something which you’ll rarely experience as an Ectomorph due to your fast metabolism and constantly burning those calories.

Add to that a good training and diet plan, which will greatly increase your potential as an Ectomorph and you will be unstoppable, without a single worry of ever falling sick to these kinds of illnesses.

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How To Increase Longevity As an Ectomorph:

Besides having that natural lean body with almost zero body fat, you can still greatly increase your longevity by having most importantly good habits that will be beneficial for your body.

Do Not overeat even as an Ectomorph

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I’m an Ectomorph, I can eat whatever I want without consequences, right?”. Well, not necessarily. Yes, you do constantly burn calories, but that doesn’t mean that you’re never gonna gain weight. In fact, overeating will always lead to obesity no matter what your body type is.

And by overeating, I mean 5000+ calories per day. Always stick to the 3000 to 4500 calories mark which is perfect for an Ectomorph.

Avoid Physical Inactivity

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It is a well-proven fact that training and physical activity, in general, will greatly increase your lifespan. This can be weight-lifting, cardio, some kind of sports, or just doing more daily activities. 

As an Ectomorph, I highly recommend just sticking to weight-lifting and avoiding cardio as much as possible (do it only 1 time per month) as it burns too many calories due to your rapid metabolism. 

And as a general recommendation for Ectomorphs, doing some kind of physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week will greatly lower the risk of early death. And more precisely, doing weight-lifting for 45 minutes per day for a total of 3 times per week.

Avoid Smoking

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This should be pretty obvious. Smoking kills. Even if it’s as low as one or two cigarettes per day, you’ll still have an earlier death than someone that never smoked. In addition to that, smoking is really not compatible with an Ectomorph body type.

Did you know that smoking increases the metabolic rate and its efficiency and it reduces appetite? Imagine adding these negative effects to an Ectomorph that already has a rapid metabolism naturally. You’ll get skinny and significantly shorten your life.

More on the negative effects of smoking here.

Get Enough Sleep

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Sleeping is one of the most important things that your body needs. It helps regulate cell functionalities and heals all the damage done to your body including muscle tears that are caused by weight lifting (which is how muscles grow).

Studies show that having too little or too much sleep can shorten one’s longevity, as it can increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, and physical inactivity in general.

So try developing a sleeping routine that includes at the very least 7 to 8 hours of sleep but not more than 9 to highly increase your lifespan.

And as an Ectomorph, this will also greatly increase your muscle growth because you’re giving your body enough rest to heal those muscles that you demolished during your training sessions

Controlling your longevity may seem out of anyone’s control, and this is true in most cases. But developing good habits like avoiding physical inactivity and smoking, getting enough sleep, and eating moderately may lead you to a longer and happier life.

And as an ectomorph, you’re already ahead of everyone when it comes to increasing your lifespan. So “Do Ectomorphs live longer?“, most definitely yes.

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