Can Ectomorphs Get Abs?

Besides being really attractive and looking aesthetic, having strong abs can have a lot of benefits for your body. It can help prevent back pain, maintain a good posture, and can help you achieve various physical activities that require a good core.

So if you’re an Ectomorph, you probably ask yourself this question: can Ectomorphs get abs?

Gaining visible abdominal muscles requires training them and burning body fat. And as an Ectomorph with an extremely rapid metabolism, you naturally have low body fat which will help significantly when trying to get 6-pack abs.

How Can Ectomorphs Get Abs?

If you’ve already started training and looking to get abs as an Ectomorph, there are some things you need to apply to your daily routine in order to see good and fast results.

Give Your Body Time to See Changes

Ectomorph body transformation

I started training when I was 17 years old and I barely saw any changes or results in the first year. This is pretty common among Ectomorphs due to our rapid metabolism. So it takes a longer time than average to actually start seeing results. I only started seeing considerable results right after the second year. At that time, I took training seriously and followed a good Ectomorph workout plan that’s adapted to my Ectomorph body type.

When it comes to training as an Ectomorph and setting your goals, you need to be pretty realistic and think long-term. That’s how it worked for me.

Don’t Focus Only On Your Abs

man doing yoga

The human body is like a machine that constantly needs upgrades and that will never work unless all its parts are working perfectly and in harmony. 

Focusing only on your abs won’t get you far if you want to take things more seriously. You have to work your entire body. In fact, in most Ectomorph workout plans, the first thing we recommend is doing full-body workouts as a beginner. It’s the perfect way to maximize your growth potential. Focusing on multiple body parts at the same time will make you see results much faster.

Your Diet Need To Be Well Adapted To Your Ectomorph Body Type:

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As I said earlier, the human body is like a machine. And for a machine to work, it needs some sort of energy like fuel or electricity. And in our case, it needs a good and healthy diet which will be essential to healing those muscles that you worked so hard for in your gym sessions. 

A good diet plan for the Ectomorph body type includes:

  • High protein meals like lean meat and fatty fish
  • High carbs meals like oats
  • Avoid low-density food
  • Drink calories in form of shakes for efficiency 

Learn more in my Ectomorph weight gain guide.

Get Enough Sleep

Man sleeping

You won’t start seeing those abs unless you give your body at the very least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to heal them. Sleeping is just as important as the training itself. In fact, you won’t build any abs if you’re constantly stressed and not recovering. So always prioritize sleeping over anything else if you want to start seeing some results. And as Ectomorph, giving your body enough time to rest is highly required in order to gain muscle mass.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Abs As An Ectomorph?

Having six-pack abs as an Ectomorph comes with great benefits:

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing, imagine all the attention you’re gonna get from both males and females after you take your shirt off and show that lean body of yours.
  • Having a six-pack means that you don’t have a dad pod. And in that case, you can wear absolutely anything you want whether it’s fitted clothes or tailored ones, you’ll always look great.
  • Your testosterone levels will be over the roof because of your low body fat.
  • You’ll perform better with bodyweight exercises because of your strong core. These exercises are essential for Ectomorphs because they focus on multiple muscle parts, especially during those full-body workouts I mentioned before.
  • During your journey of building a six-pack, you’ll develop multiple good habits which will help you maintain a healthy and balanced life, highly reducing the chances of ever getting diabetes or heart disease. Read more on why Ectomorphs live longer.
  • Being able to see your abs means that you have low body fat. This means that your face will look more defined, and you’ll start developing a chiseled jawline which will make you look like a supermodel.

If you managed to truly get six-pack abs, be sure that you’ve hit the peak of physical appearance. And know that only a tiny amount of people will have the same dedication and hard will to achieve this amazing goal.

So can Ectomorphs get abs? Definitely yes, you already have a head start because of your natural lean body and low-fat percentage.

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