F45 Pipeline Workout [Everything You Need to Know]

F45 training has been rising in popularity these last couple of years. In fact, As of 2021, F45 was the only class-based franchise company that was ranked in the top 40 fastest-growing franchises in the world. Additionally, it was ranked #1 as the world’s fastest-growing gym franchise. These impressive milestones didn’t just come out of thin air, the fitness center has deserved every single bit of it. And that’s because they take a unique approach to training and working that isn’t used in most gyms. Instead of coming up with your own workouts, they do that for you and provide you with unique daily classes that are fun and intense. With over 50 different workout routines, you’ll never feel demotivated to train again. One of these workouts is called the F45 Pipeline workout, what is it about? How is it performed? And is it challenging?

The F45 Pipeline workout is a non-stop 45-minute session that involves exercises inspired by what a surfer would do during a competition or training. At the end of the workout, your stability and core will be exponentially improved. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what an F45 Pipeline workout is all about, if it’s hard, and some examples of how it’s performed.

What is The F45 Pipeline Workout?

f45 pipeline workout

One of the best things that F45 training is known for is the fact that they manage to come up with the most unique names for their workouts.

You have things like Renegade, Docklands, Empire, SoCal, Triple Threat, Special Ops, Tokyo Disco, The Joker, Varsity, Wingman, Moon Hopper, and of course, Pipeline. And these names aren’t just selected randomly to appear cool, on the contrary, they all have a hidden meaning that gives a preview of what the workout is all about.

As we all know, a pipeline stands for a long pipe, typically underground, for conveying oil, gas, and so on. over long distances. And as soon as a substance gets into the pipeline, it never stops until it reaches its destination. But what does this have to do with the workout?

Well, as it turns out, during the f45 Pipeline workout, there will be no rest during the eternity of the 45-minute session until you reach your destination which is the end of the workout.

With a total of 9 sessions, you’ll be putting your body to the test over and over again without a single break.

Additionally, the majority of the exercises are based on what a surfer would do during a competition or training. As a result, paddling through a 14ft shorebreak (surfing term) set will become a fitness inevitability if you can get through the F45 Pipeline program.

Your balance and skill may not allow you to attack the shorebreak set, but your stability and core will be exponentially improved through this workout.

Here is everything you need to know about it:

  • Stations: 9
  • Pods: 1
  • Laps: 4 per pod
  • Sets: 1 per station
  • Timing: 40 seconds of work /20 seconds of rest or 40 seconds of work/ 15 seconds of rest
  • Miscellaneous:  No breaks and exercises are based on surfing moves

F45 Pipeline Workout Example:

Here are two examples of what an F45 Pipeline workout will look like (keep in mind that this may look different depending on your studio).

Workout Example 1:

Ultimate timing: 

  • set 1 – 40 work / 15 rest
  • set 2 – 40 work / 15 rest 
  • set 3 – 40 work / 15 rest, 
  • set 4 – 40 work / 35 clean / move

Normal timing: 

  • 40/20 1 set 4 laps
  1. balance trainer squat pulse
  2. 1 x inchworm + 2 x sprawl
  3. cones triangle run hips stay square
  4. Y-bell single sprawl lateral jump
  5. 10 x Russian twists + 10 x mountain climbers
  6. softbox glute kicks
  7. ski erg staggered stance
  8. medicine ball shuffle + rotation
  9. shuttle run with 10 mountain climbers on each end

Workout Example 2:

  • Set 1 – 40 work / 15 rest
  • Set 2 – 40 work / 15 rest
  • Set 3 – 40 work / 15 rest
  • Set 4 – 40 work / 35 clean / move
  • No hydration break
  1. battle ropes power slams
  2. 10x speed squats + 2x sprawls
  3. Deadball combo row and burpees
  4. 10x high knees + 2x tuck jumps
  5. sledgehammer sit-up press
  6. balance trainer mountain climber
  7. Burpees natural goofy
  8. kettlebell figure 8
  9. 5x plyometric lunges + 2x A-steps

Is F45 Pipeline Workout Hard?

Just based on the workout description alone that was mentioned in the beginning, you can already tell that this routine is one of the hardest ones that F45 training offers.

Since there are no breaks during the entirety of the 45-minute session, you’re gonna put your body to the test as you try to survive the 9 stations.

Your heart rate will be elevated throughout the entire routine so you’ll be burning a lot of calories. Additionally, since the exercises involve a lot of stability, you’ll be feeling an intense burn on your core, especially after you finish the workout, and during the next day.


If you’ve never done an F45 Pipeline workout before and are not sure what to expect, then I hope this article made it more clear for you. Just remember that if you find it too difficult, just ask the trainers there to help you out or make it less intense and they’ll be glad to do it.

All that matters is that you have a solid workout and push your body to its fullest potential. 

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