F45 SoCal Workout [Everything You Need to Know]

F45 training has been rising in popularity these last couple of years. In fact, As of 2021, F45 was the only class-based franchise company that was ranked in the top 40 fastest-growing franchises in the world. Additionally, it was ranked #1 as the world’s fastest-growing gym franchise. These impressive milestones didn’t just come out of thin air, the fitness center has deserved every single bit of it. And that’s because they take a unique approach to training and working that isn’t used in most gyms. Instead of coming up with your own workouts, they do that for you and provide you with unique daily classes that are fun and intense. With over 50 different workout routines, you’ll never feel demotivated to train again. One of these workouts is called the F45 Socal workout, what is it about? How is it performed? And is it challenging?

The F45 SoCal workout is a 1-hour long hybrid-style routine that consists of 12 different stations and 3 laps with a different timing that’s broken down in each of them. After each of these laps, there is an extra bodyweight circuit that you have to complete.

In this article, we’ll talk about what an F45 SoCal workout is all about, if it’s hard, and some examples of how they’re performed. 

What is the F45 SoCal Workout?

f45 socal

One of the best things about F45 Fitness and what makes them unique and stand out from other “basic” fitness studios is the fact that they always manage to come up with the best custom workouts for you.

Not only that! But what makes these workouts even more unique is that they are usually labeled using some really eye-catching names.

There is probably a workout for any cool name that you can think of. You have things like Wingman, Empire, Varsity, Triple Threat, Pipeline, and of course, SoCal.

It’s true that sometimes, these names are selected just because they look cool and are eye-catching like the Moon Hopper workout, but the majority of the time, they give a slight preview of what the workout is gonna be about.

If you didn’t already figure it out, the term “SoCal” stands for Southern California.

Although in this instance, the term “Southern California” doesn’t really give any hints about the objective of the workout, having a name that represents a city is a recurring theme among F45 Training just like NoHo (North Hollywood), Docklands (which is a city in Australia), Miami Nights, and the Tokyo Disco workout.

The F45 SoCal workout is a 1-hour long hybrid-style routine that consists of 12 different stations and 3 laps with a timing that’s broken down in each of them. What’s unique about this workout is that you’ll have 4 rounds of a bodyweight circuit after the first and second laps.

These 2 circuits include a bunch of extra exercises that are separated into 4 different laps with a 30-20-20-20 work time and a 10 sec rest time after each lap.

Here is everything you need to know about this workout:

  • Stations: 12
  • Pods: 2
  • Laps: 3 per pod
  • Sets: 1 per lap
  • Timing: 60/30 on lap 1, 40/20 on lap 2, 20/10 on lap 3
  • Miscellaneous: 60-second hydration break after each completed pod 

If this sounds too confusing for you, here is an easy breakdown in the form of an image so you can understand more clearly (source):

f45 socal workout

F45 SoCal Workout Examples:

Here are two examples of what an F45 SoCal workout will look like (keep in mind that this may look different depending on your studio).

Workout Example 1:


  • Ultimate timing – 60/20, 40/20, 20/30, 4 rounds of 3 x bodyweight exercises at the end of each pod: Round 1 30-30-30/10 rest, round 2 20-20-20/10 rest, round 3 20-20-20/10 rest, round 4 20-20-20/10 rest.
  • Normal timing – 2 pods, 3 laps per pod, 60/30 on lap 1, 40/20 on lap 2, 20/10 on lap 3, miscellaneous: 4x rounds of body weight timing at the end of each pod. timing: 30/30/30/10 rest, 20/20/20/10 rest, 20/20/20/10 rest, 20/20/20/10 rest.


  1. 3 X Single Knees + 1 X Sprawl
  2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl + Shoulder Press
  3. Step Trainer Sprawl Lateral Shuffle
  4. Y-bell Double Clean + Squat Outer Grip
  5. Bike Erg Seated
  6. Medicine Ball 4x Shuffle + 1x Squat Jump
  7. Suspension Trainer Close Grip Row + Pulse
  8. 5 X Deadball Slam + 2 X Prisoner Squat
  9. 5 X Sprawl + 2 X Push Up
  10. Kettlebell Duck Walk Into Burpee
  11. Agility Box Side Hop Squats
  12. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift X 2 + Row

Workout Example 2:


  • Same format as before


  1. Explosive Crouch Starts 5 Each Side
  2. Dumbbell Alternate Lunge And Over Head Press
  3. Star Jumps + Pu + Wide Mountain Climber Complex
  4. Soft Box Step Up + Reverse Lunge
  5. Bike Seated Sprints
  6. Suspension Trainer Neutral Grip Row
  7. Barbell Romanian Deadlift + Underhand Grip Row
  8. Agility Ladder Deadball Heavy Deadball In-Out Jumps
  9. Ski Erg Explosive
  10. Sandbag Clean + Burpee
  11. Dumbbell Bench Press 1 And A Half Pulses
  12. Lateral Fast Feet + Ground Touch

Is the F45 SoCal Workout Hard?

The best thing about F45 Training is that there is always a little twist in each of their workouts.

In the case of this particular one, there are 4 extra rounds of bodyweight circuits after some of the laps.

When these extra exercises are done after the already intense laps, the workout becomes a lot more challenging.

As a result, the SoCal workout is one of the hardest challenges that F45 Training offers for its members.


If you’ve never done a SoCal workout before and are not sure what to expect, then I hope this article made it more clear for you. Just remember that if you find it too difficult or too easy, you have full flexibility to go lighter or heavier depending on your physical ability. And if you’re not sure how an exercise is done, just ask the trainers there and they’ll be glad to help.

All that matters is that you have a solid workout and push your body to its fullest potential. 

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