OrangeTheory Marathon Month [Everything You Need to Know]

As we all know, working out can be really boring sometimes, especially if you’re constantly doing the same routine over and over again. And it’s one of the main reasons why people get demotivated and quit before seeing any results. It’s also why a lot of these people transition from a typical gym to fitness studios like OrangeTheory. Not only do they take a scientific approach to training so you can get the most out of your workout, but also, Instead of coming up with a routine yourself, they do that job for you and create daily classes, challenges, and events that keep you motivated. One of these challenges is called the OrangeTheory Marathon Month, what is it about? How can you benefit from it? And what things should you know before taking it on?

Marathon Month at OrangeTheory Fitness is a month-long event where you need to log your total distance on the treadmill, strider, or bike every time you take a class. The main goal is to reach the distance of a half marathon, a full marathon, or an ultra marathon depending on what you choose.

In this article, we’ll talk about what OrangeTheory Marathon Month is, how to register for it, as well as some tips to increase your total mileage. 

What is OrangeTheory Marathon Month?

Orangtheory marathon month

The Marathon Month at OrangeTheory is probably not what you think it is. “It’s literally called a Marathon Month, so you have to run a 30-mile marathon inside the studio every single day, no?”. Well, not exactly!

Essentially, Marathon Month at OrangeTheory is a month-long event where you have to track your total distance on the treadmill (also the bike or the strider depending on the studio) every single day. The main goal is to complete either a half marathon, a full marathon, or an ultra marathon.

The total distance for these marathons varies from one studio to another but usually, it’s something like this:

  • Half Marathon distance: 13.1 miles
  • Full Marathon distance: 26.2 miles
  • Ultra Marathon: anything beyond 26 miles

Most of the time, reaching these goals comes with the ability to win prizes that include OTF goodies such as t-shirts, cinch bags, and so on.

There is a prize for the one that reaches the half marathon distance or full marathon distance in the least amount of time and a prize that gets the most ultra marathon distance.

How to Register for an OrangeTheory Marathon Month?

In order to register for this event, you can either talk to your studio’s front desk, tell them that you are interested in participating in Marathon Month, and they should guide you through the registration process.

Another option is to register through the app, which is a lot more convenient. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open the OrangeTheory app and click the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Click the orange button that says “buy classes”.
  3. From there, scroll down until you find Marathon Month registration.
how to register for orangetheory marathon month

In some studios, registration is free for unlimited members but $25 for other levels (basic and elite). However, for others, registration costs $15 to $25 no matter your membership

How Are Miles Tracked During Marathon Month?

Every day, when you come into the studio during the Marathon Month at OrangeTheory after registering, you’re gonna be handed a piece of paper and a pencil.

As soon as you’re done with your treadmill block, you’ll be asked to write down your total distance achieved during that day and hand it over to your coach who’s gonna log it for you.

If your goal is to reach a half marathon, then your daily total distance on the treadmill should be about 1.6 miles if you’re doing 8 classes per month (or 0.4 if you’re doing daily classes).

If your goal is to reach a full marathon, you just need to double that, so 3.2 miles for the 8 classes, and 0.8 miles for daily classes.

Tips for Increasing Your Total Distance

In order to get the most distance, you need to be as efficient as possible during your runs, here are some tips that will allow you to do just that:

Don’t Go All in During the Warm-Up

When you get into the treadmill for your warm-up, keep it at your base pace and avoid reaching the orange zone since you want to save up as much energy as possible for the runs that actually count towards your total Marathon Month distance.

Increase Your Pace

Make sure to increase your base, push, and AO pace (after the warm-up) to get as many miles as you can. It’s definitely going to be a tough month, but it’s so worth it in the end, especially if you’re competing with yourself and want to break all sorts of personal records.

Choose the Right Pair of Running Shoes

One of the most important aspects of running is the shoes that you choose (catchy phrase!). You need something that’ll help you run faster and not slow you down. In my opinion, these are the best running shoes for women, and these are the best for men. 

Additionally, most people recommend changing shoes every 400 miles or every four to six months. 


Now that you know everything there is to it about Marathon Month at OrangeTheory, it’s time to go crush it! Just remember to:

  • Register before the Marathon Month starts
  • Track your total mileage every single class on the piece of paper that’s handed to you
  • Don’t go all in during your warm-ups
  • Increase your pace if you want to reach the marathon goals
  • Choose the right pair of shoes

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