What is OrangeTheory’s Age Requirement?

Let’s face it, we all go through a time in our life when we decide that enough is enough and that it’s time to work out! For some of us, that revelation comes in our 20s, 40s, or even 60s, but for others, this surge of motivation comes from a very young age. Nowadays, you see gyms filled with kids and teenagers all trying to get a head start when it comes to their body transformation journey. And you probably notice this in all kinds of fitness studios, including OrangeTheory. But what’s OrangeTheory’s actual age requirement in order to start training? And are there some kind of rules and limitations for kids and teens?

The majority of OrangeTheory Fitness studios allow kids between the age of 14 and 16 to join as long as a parent or guardian is accompanying them, and kids above the age of 16 to join as long as their parent or guardian signs a waiver. 

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about OrangeTheory’s age requirement as well as the main reasons why they don’t allow kids.

What is OrangeTheory’s Age Requirement?

OrangeTheory's age requirement

Just like any other gym, OrangeTheory Fitness also has an age requirement and they’re very strict about it.

When it comes to kids or teens, there are three main factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • Any kid that’s younger than 14 years is not allowed to join OrangeTheory Fitness or attend any of their classes.
  • Kids that are between the age of 14 and 16 are allowed to join OrangeTheory Fitness as long as a parent or guardian is accompanying them.
  • Teens that are between the age of 16 and 18 are allowed to join OrangeTheory Fitness as long as a parent or guardian signs a waiver.

However, this varies from one studio to another since there are some that will allow even 13-year-olds to join with their parent and there are others that won’t allow even 14-year-olds.

That’s why the best way to verify this information is to contact your local studio directly but the above conditions are what’s present in the majority of OrangeTheory studios. 

Why Doesn’t OrangeTheory Allow Kids?

If you really think it through, as a gym owner, you really don’t want kids hanging around the studio, especially young ones that aren’t mature enough, and here’s why:

Unsuitable Equipment

First of all, OrangeTheory has a lot of heavy machines and fitness equipment. As a result, not only is there a chance that it can fall on kids with a weaker body frame, but it’s also not suitable for their size since they’re meant for adults. 

Bad Behavior

The majority of OrangeTheory classes are led by coaches and you need to follow their every command in order to be as efficient as possible during your workout. Having an unsupervised kid around that will probably not listen to the coach is not a good idea and will make adult members unsatisfied, especially if the kid’s behavior gets in the way of their workouts.


Most of the time, gyms including OrangeTheory will just be considered as a “playground” for kids. As a result, you really don’t want to mix them with adults, otherwise, there will be a lot of bullying, especially in the locker rooms.

Member unsatisfaction

When it comes to time, adults are really limited by it. Imagine working the entire day and waiting patiently to get off to enjoy your time at OrangeTheory with all the fun classes, challenges, and events just to find a random kid that’s causing a hassle and not taking the workout seriously. That kind of atmosphere will demotivate you and will probably make you want to change gyms. And member satisfaction is one of the main reasons why OrangeTheory is growing in popularity these last couple of years.


If you don’t meet the minimum age requirement at OrangeTheory Fitness, don’t stress yourself about it, it just means that your body is not ready yet to perform the difficult challenges that this fitness studio offers.

Your best option is to start working out at home, going on outdoor runs to prepare your mind and body for what’s about to come. And as soon as you hit the 14 or 16-year mark when you’ll have the ability to join, you’ll be a lot more fit than most members at OrangeTheory. 

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