Should Skinny Guys Tuck In Their Shirts?

With shirts being one of the main staples of the fashion world, you probably wear them on a daily basis. They work just fine to make you look good, presentable, modern, and attractive, whether it’s during a casual date, a business meeting, or a job interview. And if you wear them every day, chances are you’re getting bored of the same untucked style that you probably usually go for, so tucking in shirts is an excellent way to change your vibe and add a different look to your formality. With that being said, should skinny guys tuck in their shirts?

When it comes to tucking in your shirt, body shape rarely matters. In fact, well-fitted shirts look good on skinny guys whether they’re tucked in or untucked. So it’s best if you vary between the two looks to enhance your overall style.

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about if skinny guys should tuck in their shirts, the rules that they should follow while doing so, and the reasons why they look good.

Should Skinny Guys Tuck In their Shirts?

Before answering this question, let’s look at the story of two people: Steve and Bob.

skinny guy with tucked in shirt and overweight guy with tucked in shirt

Steve is your average skinny guy, meaning that he has skinny arms and legs, a small waist, and no belly. Bob on the other hand is pretty overweight, has a huge belly, and only wears extra-large when it comes to clothing. 

They’re both invited to a formal meeting where tucked-in shirts are a must. Steve tucks in a nice-looking white slim-fit shirt on some black formal pants with some nice dress shoes. Bob does the same thing but since he only wears extra-large, his shirt isn’t fully tucked-in and his big belly is pretty obvious. 

By chance, they both arrive at the event at the same time. Out of the two, who do you think will get the most attention? And who do you think will look more attractive, Steve or Bob? It’s true that both of them will look good since they put in the effort of dressing up but It’s most likely that you chose Steve and that’s because of many reasons. He simply looks better while wearing tucked-in shirts because he’s a skinny guy, he has no belly, and he wears well-fitted pieces of clothing (here is my recommended shirt for skinny guys). It’s as if tucked-in shirts were made just for his body shape. 

With that being said, if you’re skinny, then don’t be afraid of wearing tucked-in shirts because it’s pretty likely that you’ll look a lot better than most other guys.

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Why Do Tucked-In Shirts Look Good On Skinny Guys?

two skinny guys wearing tucked in shirts

If we analyze the story in the above section, we’ll come to the conclusion that tucked in shirts look good on skinny guys because of the following reasons:

Skinny Guys Look Better On Slim-Fitted Shirts

When it comes to tucking in your shirt, it needs to be well-fitted in order to avoid any excess fabric. Wearing a shirt that’s too big for you look bad even while untucked. That’s why choosing a shirt that fits right will not only look better for you as a skinny guy, but you’ll also feel a lot more comfortable in it. And don’t worry, because of your body shape, it’s much easier to find a shirt that’s suitable for you and you won’t find any problem when you’re buying one.

Here is a great video showcasing some tricks to know if a shirt fits you right.

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Skinny Guys Don’t Have A Big Belly

If you’re a skinny guy, then it’s likely that you don’t have any belly, or even better, have abs. When you’re wearing a well-fitted shirt, you don’t want your belly popping out. It just looks terrible and makes you feel uncomfortable. In addition to that, if you have a big belly, it’ll get in the way of your tucked-in shirt, meaning that it will constantly untuck the shirt even while doing basic movements and you’ll have to tuck it in every time. And skinny guys won’t find this problem at all and their shirts will stay perfectly underneath their pants the entire time.

Skinny Guys Can Tuck In All Types of shirts

While overweight guys can get away with tucking in their shirts, skinny guys will look good in almost all types of shirts. Whether it’s a t-shirt, polo shirt, casual and formal shirts, or even rollnecks, tucking in all these pieces of clothing isn’t a problem for skinny guys and it will enhance their body image and shape. 

Just like Steve, you can’t go wrong with a tucked-in white shirt, with nice-looking black formal pants or jeans, as well as some shiny black leather shoes.


Now that you know that even skinny guys can pull off the tucked-in shirt look. After reading this article, I hope that you’re comfortable with taking this style into consideration when you’re shopping for your next outfit for formal events. And make sure to follow the basic rules when you’re choosing a tucked-in shirt.

And besides Steve and Bob, there is also Jack who worked hard to sculpt his dream body that will look good while wearing any type of clothing because of his build. If you’re tired of being skinny and want to become more fit, then I highly recommend reading my blog where I post everything related to skinny guys and Ectomorphs. Whether it’s the type of diets to build muscles, workouts adapted to your body type, and different ways to gain weight.

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