Should Skinny Guys Wear Watches?

skinny guy wearing a wrist watch

If you’re a skinny guy like me, then you probably have small wrists. And with the rising popularity of large watches, skinny folks like us find it harder and harder to find the appropriate size and fit for them. With that being said, should skinny guys even bother to wear watches if it’s not gonna look good?

When it comes to watches, you can wear whatever one you like as long as you’re happy with it even if you’re a skinny guy. However, there are some rules that you can follow to cope with your small wrists such as wearing small watches, putting them closer to your hand, wearing long sleeves, and so on.

In this article, we’ll talk about if skinny guys should wear watches, as well as the rules that they should follow in order to look the best while wearing them.

Should Skinny Guys Wear Watches?

When it comes to choosing what type of watch to wear, it’s the same thing as choosing your outfit. It absolutely needs to fit right on your wrist. And just like clothing, when you wear something that’s too big for you and bulky (unless that’s the style you’re going for), it simply won’t look good. That’s why choosing the right fit is the most important factor that you need to take into consideration as a skinny guy when you’re choosing a watch. The smaller the better.

Now that we understand the most important factor is the size of the watch, how can you decide if a watch fit is appropriate for you?

Well first you need to understand 3 important aspects of a watch that control its fit:

Thickness: This is the distance between the back of the watch (case-back) and the center of the crystal (the glass circle).

Lug Width: This is the distance between the two tips of the watch’s lugs.

Diameter: Which, if you remember your math, is the straight line that passes from side to side through the center of a circle and in this case the watch.

should skinny guys wear watches: Watch aspects

The combination of all these 3 aspects is what defines the size of a watch. However, when you’re choosing a watch as a skinny guy with small wrists, the most important rule is that the lug width should never be more than your wrists’ width. Meaning that these lugs should never go past the edge of your wrists since it looks terrible and makes your arms look even skinnier. The thickness also shouldn’t be exaggerated, as well as the diameter.

When you’re choosing a watch, you need to measure the width of your wrists and select a watch that has a smaller lug width (smaller by about 6mm) than your wrists’ width. To put this into perspective, when I measured my own wrists, I found that their width is about 54mm, that’s why I need a watch that’s about 46 to 48mm in terms of lug width.

Rules That Every Skinny Guy Should Follow When Wearing a Watch

Since I absolutely love watches, being skinny didn’t stop me from wearing them. Throughout the years, I managed to find some tricks than helped me look the best while wearing my favorite watches even if they were a little bit big.

Wear Watches Closer To You Hand

illustration of watch close to hand

If you got yourself a watch that’s a little bit too big for you, then it probably won’t sit comfortably around your wrists and will constantly start to fall down. That’s why one of the best ways that you can avoid that is by wearing them closer to your hand. And that’s because, usually the closer you are to your hands, the wider your wrists get. So even if the watch is big, it’ll look small when moved closer to your hand. It’s a pretty neat trick and illusion that you can perform to trick everybody into thinking that you’re wearing a small watch.

Wear Long Sleeves

illustration of wearing a watch with sleeves

It’s true that this may not be appropriate for summer times, but wearing long sleeves is actually one of the best ways to hide the fact that you have small wrists or a big watch. And these sleeves will mostly cover the part of your wrists that are skinny and leave just a little bit where your watch would sit, giving you a nice modern look. In fact, one of my favorite pieces of clothing that match a watch perfectly is long-sleeve slim-fit shirts. 

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Don’t Care About What Others Might Think

happy man looking at watch

At the end of the day, this is the most important rule that you should follow. It’s true that you can follow the above rules to look the best while wearing a watch, but how you look while wearing them shouldn’t really affect you. All that matters is that you’re happy with yourself and you feel comfortable with the watch you’re wearing.

And just so you know, people will barely notice if you have small wrists especially if you’re wearing the right outfit. All the attention will go towards the clothing you’re wearing instead of what you have on your wrists. The only time they’re gonna notice is if the watch is too big for you (when it’s dangly and too loose and way bigger than your wrist), if it’s a little bit big, then just go for it! If you’re happy with what you’re wearing, you’ll be way more confident about yourself and more attractive.

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Hopefully, now you understand that even skinny guys can pull off wearing watches. All that matters is that it fits right, that you’re happy and comfortable with it, and it’s not too big. And if you’re not sure what watches you can buy for skinny guys, here are my recommendations:

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