What Should Ectomorphs Wear?

We all know that the Ectomorph body type is usually referred to people that are tall, slim, lanky, with narrow shoulders, and have a low percentage of muscle mass. That’s due to their fast metabolism that’s constantly burning calories so they usually struggle the most with gaining weight. You may think that they have it easy when it comes to style since the fashion industry is tailored mainly for people that are tall and skinny. However, these people still find it challenging to find the right fit for them. Having an Ectomorph body type myself, ever since I was a kid, I always struggled to find something that’ll look good on me and fit me nicely. So with that being said, what should Ectomorphs and skinny people wear?

If you’re an Ectomorph, the best way to dress is by wearing slim and fit clothing, especially the ones with the right patterns that can make your chest look bigger. You should also focus on layering up with jackets while avoiding loose-fitting clothing as much as possible since they will make you look even smaller. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important rules that you should follow as an Ectomorph in terms of style, as well as what you should avoid.

What Should Ectomorphs Wear?

Ectomorphs should dress in a way that will emphasize their body type and make them look good. But at the end of the day, style is a matter of choice and preference and it’s one of the things that define you and make you unique. So consider the following rules ideal for the Ectomorph body type but not necessary. All that matters is that you’re happy and satisfied with what you’re wearing.

Wear Shirts More Often

what should ectomorphs wear: skinny man wearing shirt and looking at laptop

If you’re an Ectomorph, then you probably don’t have big arms (Unless you follow our Ectomorph workout plan). In that case, the best way to dress is by wearing shirts, and most importantly, long sleeve shirts. Everybody looks good and professional with a nice fitted shirt. That’s why it’s the best way to look attractive while hiding your arms. And to top it off, shirts will actually make your arms look slightly bulkier. One of the best shirts that I recommend for Ectomorphs is the Henley shirt. You’ll look so good in it, especially if you roll up the sleeves to give that cool look. And if you ever decide to try out a short-sleeve shirt, then make sure that it hugs tightly around your arms. The looser the short sleeves are, the more skinny your arms will look.
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Pay Attention To The Shoulder Fit

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the majority of Ectomorphs tend to have narrow shoulders. That’s why the most important thing that you should be paying attention to is whether or not the shirt or t-shirt fits nicely around your shoulders. You need to make sure that the shoulder seam of your clothing sits on top of your shoulder’s edge. If it goes past it, or if it doesn’t reach it, you’ll just look really weird. And as a bonus, you should also make sure that the shirt isn’t too tight around your chest area. When it comes to style, attention to detail matters the most. So if you focus on it, then you’ll significantly improve the way you look as an Ectomorph.

Layer It Up The Right Way

man wearing leather jacket

One of the nicest perks that you get as an Ectomorphs, is that you can layer up your clothes to look bulkier. This will also give you an opportunity to showcase your style in those layers. And that’s by combining multiple clothing pieces in order to create an awesome outfit.  And the best way to layer up as an Ectomorph is by wearing jackets. It’s a nice versatile piece of clothing that will make you look edgier and sharper. Just make sure that choose the right type of jacket to give you those extra pounds. This can vary from bomber jackets, leather jackets, summer blazers, and so on.

Play Around With Patterns

purple and blue pattern

The right patterns can give off the illusion that your chest is bigger than it actually is. So be very specific about your styling patterns and make sure to go for medium to small patterns. They will both make you look big and accentuate your V-shape. You should also focus on horizontal and checked patterns with bright colors.

Things That you Should Avoid As An Ectomorph

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the fashion industry is mainly designed for people that are tall and slim. However, there are still some things that look really bad on Ectomorphs and that should be avoided (According to your preference).

Avoid Clothing That Is Too Fitted

This is the most obvious thing that you should avoid. Wearing something that is too skinny and tight will only emphasize your lankiness and make you look even smaller. Whether it’s a shirt, T-shirt, jeans, or a suit, everything needs to be balanced. Your clothing needs to fit nicely around your build, so not too tight and not too loose. In my case, the only time I wear tight clothing is when I’m heading to the gym. And it doesn’t look bad at all since I managed to pack on some muscles (And here is how you can too). 

Avoid Vertical Stripes

Did you know that vertical stripes were invented in order to trick people into thinking that you look skinny? This is something that you should completely avoid since you already look like that without any illusion. And if you wear them as Ectomorphs, you’ll just look like a decorated walking skeleton. So instead of vertical patterns, try the patterns that I mentioned earlier in this article and more preferably horizontal ones.

Avoid Dark Colors

And when I say dark colors, I mainly mean Black. It’s true that wearing all-black makes you look really cool but if we’re being honest, it’s one of the colors that people wear in order to look slim, hence its popularity. When creating an outfit, make sure to throw in some hints of color instead of opting for the all-black look. And these colors should preferably be a little bit light like light gray, blue, or even white.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

I often see Ectomorphs wear baggy clothes and it just doesn’t look that great. It only makes them look frail and skinnier than they already are. If that’s the style they’re going for, then that’s great and I can respect it. However, if you want to look the best in clothes, it’s better to wear fitted and balanced clothing.


Now that you know the basic rules that all Ectomorphs should follow as well as the things they should avoid in terms of what to wear, I whole-heartedly believe that you can instantly upgrade your wardrobe. No matter your body type, there is always something that will make you look good. Wearing an outfit that fits you well will not only make you look attractive, but it’ll also boost your confidence.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of your skinny body and start your transformation journey, then I highly recommend reading my blog as I give daily tips on how to grow muscles as an Ectomorph and look the best. Start off with my Ectomorph workout plan, or my weight gain guide.

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