OrangeTheory Premium Locations 2023 [List]

OrangeTheory has been rising in popularity these last couple of years due to the fact that they take a creative approach to a somewhat boring activity that a lot of people dislike, and that’s working out. Instead of being an open gym where anyone can come in and do their own personal workouts, OrangeTheory fitness offers unique daily classes, challenges, and events that keep members hooked and motivated to train. Additionally, they implement science into their workouts by using high-tech equipment that tracks your progress and tailors your workouts accordingly. With over 1,400 studios in 25 countries across the globe, OrangeTheory has taken the fitness industry by storm. However, among these locations, which ones are premium?

In this article, we’ll talk about what makes an OrangeTheory studio premium and list all the premium locations across the United States.

What Makes an OrangeTheory Studio Location Premium?

OrangeTheory Premium Locations

As we all know, the USA is made up of multiple states, all of which require different costs of living. In other words, living in New York, for example, is not the same as living in Mississippi since the latter one has the lowest average housing costs in the nation at 33.7% below the national average.

As a result, having a business in a “high cost of living” city that has a lot of people isn’t the same as having it somewhere where the cost of living isn’t that high. So automatically, the expenses required to keep that business alive will be a lot higher as well. 

And that implies for OrangeTheory as well since, after all, it’s a business hence the name “premium”.

An OrangeTheory studio is considered Premium when it’s located in a city that has a high cost of living. As a result, memberships and fees cost extra compared to a normal studio.

OrangeTheory Premium Studio Locations List

Studio NameStudio #Surcharge*
San Francisco – Financial District, CA#0454$10
San Francisco – Mission District, CA#0455$10
Century City – Los Angeles, CA#0522$10
District of Columbia
14th Street, Washington DC#0943$10
Navy Yard, DC#0694$10
Tenleytown, DC#0903$10
Washington DC – Mount Vernon Triangle / Shaw, DC#0473$10
South Beach, FL#0053$10
Kapiolani – Pan Am, HI#0480$10
Waikiki, HI#0481$10
Chicago – Edgewater, IL#0318$10
Chicago – Hyde Park, IL#0743$10
Chicago – Lakeview, IL#0304$10
Chicago – Lincoln Park, IL#0032$10
Chicago – Lincoln Square, IL#0425$10
Chicago – Logan Square, IL#0427$10
Chicago – Old Town, IL#0331$10
Chicago – Roscoe Village, IL#0424$10
Chicago – Soth Loop, IL#0545$10
Chicago – Streeterville, IL#0334$10
Chicago – West Loop, IL#0330$10
Chicago – Wicker Park/Bucktown, IL#0321$10
Chicago – Wrigleyville, IL#0305$10
Boston – Back Bay, MA#0285$10
Kendall Square, MA#0780$10
New York 
Brooklyn Heights, NY#0546$10
Brooklyn – Park Slope, NY#0218$10
Brooklyn – Williamsburg, NY#0269$10
Manhatten-  Astor Place, NY#0198$20
Manhatten – Chelsea, NY#0034$20
Manhatten – East 39th St.#0912$20
Manhattan – Midtown West, NY#0730$20
Center City, PA#0556$10
Northern Liberties, PA#0899$10

*If you’re not sure what a “surcharge” means, it implies how much extra you need to pay per class. However, these can vary from time to time so it’s better to contact your local studio directly for this kind of information.

Are OrangeTheory Premium Studios Better?

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a premium studio so it’s gonna be better than other studios, right?” Well, not necessarily.

Just because they’re labeled as “premium”, that doesn’t mean that the service will be any different from other normal studios. In fact, it’s pretty much the same. In some instances even, normal studios are better than premium ones.

As I mentioned in the beginning and as you can probably tell from the table, these premium studios are typically in larger, more expensive cities such as NY, LA, etc. They’re the same, they just have a higher rent to pay, which they pass on to you as an OrangeTheory member.

And to be fair, that’s to be expected since it’s not easy to run a business in these large cities.


If you’re planning to join OrangeTheory Fitness or you’re already a member but want to change studios but you weren’t sure which ones were premium, I hope this article made it clear to you. As a general rule, the bigger the city, the more you’ll have to pay. 

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  1. I went to the studio in Frederick, MD and they charged me a $10 surcharge. (Home studio – Downtown Denver)

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