Do Girls Like Six-Packs?

When it comes to fitness, if you ask anybody about what would their dream body look like, most of the time, wanting to have chiseled six-pack abs is their top priority. Throughout the years, It has become the embodiment of an aesthetic physique and the main goal of many aspiring weight-lifters. And if you ask anyone of them about the purpose of having such a goal, most of them will say that they’re trying to get the attention of girls. With that being said, do girls really like six-packs? 

Girls like six-packs due to the fact that they’re aspirational for most people, they take discipline, self-control, extreme dedication, and hard work. All of these are seen as desirable for a woman so their manifestation in the form of six-pack abs shows that you have these qualities. 

In this article, we’ll talk about if girls really like six-packs, the main reasons why they do, and if you should work towards having them. 

Do Girls Like Six-Packs?

Do girls like six-packs?

In order to answer this question, the best way to go about it is to ask the source directly. Let’s see what girls really think about them (Source)

  • They’re pretty to look at in celebrity pictures
  • Hard work is nice to see
  • I am attracted to fit people because they take care of themselves (which is admirable and attractive) as I do, and it’s something I care about. Seeing the result of that is attractive because of the efforts made
  • I like it. My boyfriend has them. It’s awesome.
  • AWESOME, It’s not an absolute requirement but the closer the guy is to a 6 pack the more attractive he is to me. Also probably indicates that he likes working out, which I do too.
  • They’re a nice bonus.

But then we also have another group:

  • I respect and admire the work that goes into getting them, but it’s not my favorite body type. I prefer bodies that are softer.
  • Neutral, unless they feel the need to bring them up/show them off all the time, then it’s decidedly negative. I much prefer a softer body type when I’m getting close to a body.
  • They’re nice to look at but hardly required of the men I date. I actually prefer a stocky/solidly built man with a little pudge in the middle.
  • Nice to look at, but not something that particularly appeals to me. I don’t think I’d be willing to date someone who spent all their spare time maintaining their figure, male or female.

As you can see, there is quite a debate over this subject in particular. However, I went through a bunch of forums and surveys, gathered all of the opinions, and calculated the percentage of girls that like or dislike abs and these are the results:

Graphic chart about if girls like abs

A staggering 67% of girls prefer six-pack abs on a guy and this is to be expected. However, out of that 67%, approximately only 20% of them made having abs on their partner a top priority, and the remaining 80% preferred abs on a guy but it wasn’t a deal-breaker in terms of choosing a partner. 

The 33% that’s left are girls that prefer softer bodies because they think that guys that work on their abs are too self-centered or simply, don’t like the look of a six-pack on a guy. 

What Are The Main Reasons Girls Like Six-Packs?

There are many reasons why the majority of girls prefer guys with six-packs: 

It’s a Manifestation of Discipline

As I mentioned in the beginning, having six-pack abs is something that’s considered aspirational for many people. It’s not something that can easily be done, it requires a ton of discipline, immense work, self-control, and dedication. 

As a guy, one of the best ways to show that you have these qualities as a first impression is to have six-pack abs or a fit physique overall. But the literal manifestation of these qualities will always remain a six-pack. 

It’s a Sign of Youth

On a more biological level, six-pack abs mean that you have a low body fat percentage or in other words, a good degree of physical fitness. This gives women a reliable sign of youth and reproductive fitness which is attractive. To put this into perspective, if a woman had a choice, she is more likely to reproduce with someone that is fit (that has a six-pack) compared to someone that’s unfit simply due to the fact a fit body gives a better appeal to reproduction, and this is a natural instinct.

It’s a Sign of Protection

When a guy has six-pack abs that he worked so hard for, it’s most likely that he puts in the effort on his entire body rather than just abs. This means that his entire body is probably fit. When that’s the case, it means that he’s stronger than average. This is attractive for women since it gives them a sign of protection. From an outside view, a fit guy is more likely to successfully protect a woman even though that’s not always the case. But having muscles will definitely give you an advantage in fights. 

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Women can’t deny the fact that abs just simply look more aesthetic. It’s the staple of modern fitness and the main goal of many people all over the world. Having a partner that has a quality that’s desired by many people is always a plus and it’s a good way to brag about it with their friends. Guys like to go out with a partner that has good curves and body features in order to impress everyone around them and that’s the same case for women, especially if you’re going to the beach, pool, or an event where you can be shirtless. 

Should Guys Work Towards Having Six-Pack Abs?

This is a pretty common question that I get asked a lot but the answer should be quite obvious. All guys need to work towards having six-pack abs, not to impress women or to attract a partner, but rather, to develop themselves and their bodies, achieve great levels of fitness, learn good habits, increase self-discipline, and make healthy lifestyle choices. When you work towards these qualities, girls will naturally come to you without putting in too much effort.

If your main goal of training is to attract girls, you’re honestly not gonna get that far because what mostly happens, is you get ignored by most of them since you built up unrealistic goals and you thought that they will be flocking all over you. This results in you losing motivation because you can’t achieve your main goal and thus, leaving fitness behind.

If your main goal was, rather, to work on yourself and your body, you’ll constantly be motivated by your progress. And that’s exactly when girls will pay attention to you. 


As you can see, there is quite a debate over if six-pack abs are attractive but the majority of girls like them since they’re a manifestation of discipline, a sign of youth and protection, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. However, impressing girls shouldn’t be your top priority when you’re working on them, but rather, developing your body, mind, and muscles.

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