10 Best Activities For Ectomorphs [Get The Most Out Of Your Body Type]

Nowadays, it’s pretty common to get absorbed and worn out by your daily routine. Whether it’s because of your work schedule, your school, or even your family life, it’s becoming harder and harder to find some good hobbies or activities that are worth investing your precious time into. And when it comes to Ectomorphs, being active is one of the most important factors in staying healthy, happy, and avoiding all sorts of stress, that’s why you need to make sure to fit fun activities into your daily life.

The best activities for Ectomorphs can be split into two categories: physical activities such as jogging, running, weight-lifting, swimming, martial arts, and dancing. And mind activities such as reading, listening to podcasts, learning a new language, or even starting a new business.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different benefits of doing fun activities for your mind and body, as well as some ideas of activities that you can do as an Ectomorph.

Benefits Of Doing Activities For Ectomorphs

It’s pretty common to think that fun activities are things that you do during your leisure time and that have no use except for fulfilling personal pleasures. However, these activities present a lot of benefits for both your mind and your body. That’s why you should never feel guilty about doing them. Here are the main reasons why:

They Reduce Stress

best activities for ectomorphs: man showing distress

Whenever you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is responsible for activating “fight or flight mode” in our body. Its main purpose is to force our bodies to do certain survival actions in order to save our life. However, too much of this hormone can cause your body to gain unhealthy weight and hinder its ability to heal and get rid of major infections. That’s why you need to avoid stress as much as possible in order to prevent an over-release of cortisol. And one of the best ways to do that is by doing fun activities.

They Help You Get Back On Your Feet

We all know that stress is unavoidable. To this day, there isn’t a single cure that can get rid of stress altogether. And because of time restraints, you pretty much can’t spend the entirety of your day having fun. As much as we want that to happen, it’s not realistic. However, doing fun activities from time to time will help you overcome those stressful situations when they arise. To put this into perspective, think of doing fun activities as filling a water storage tank. As soon as a stressful situation occurs, your body will use the water reserve in order to overcome it.

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They Boost Energy

man dancing

Enjoying your time with your friends, hiking with your dog, or reading your favorite book are all fun activities for Ectomorphs that can actually help in boosting your energy. We all know how frustrating and painful stress can be sometimes, that’s why taking the time to relax and have fun will make you happier, more energetic, and less tired. So make sure to do at least one fun activity during your day to reap its many benefits.

They Improve Sleep

Doing fun activities on a regular basis will also help you to get more sleep. According to the Natural Medicine Journal, reducing cortisol levels can be a very effective approach in order to getting rid of any sleeping disturbances. And as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the best ways to reduce the levels of this hormone is by doing more fun activities during your day. In addition to that, for Ectomorphs, improving your sleep

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Best Activities For Ectomorphs

If you run out of ideas for fun activities that you can do, here is a list of them:


best activities for ectomorphs: person holding barbell

This is a must for every Ectomorph. It’s true that it’s not fun for everybody, but its benefits especially for the Ectomorph body type are too good to let pass. It can build muscles, burn fat, strengthen your bones and joints, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve your overall health.

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This is the simplest and most fun thing to do. Going for a jog by yourself or with your dog is one of the best things that you can do. And it has a lot of benefits, it can improve your cardiovascular fitness, build your muscle strength, improve your muscular endurance, boost your immune system, and so on. And the best part about it is that it won’t cost you a thing.


Whether it’s at your local swimming club or at the beach, swimming is one of the best sports that you can do especially as an Ectomorph. Besides the fact that it builds your muscles because it’s a full-body workout, it improves endurance and helps you maintain a good healthy weight, heart, and lungs. And to top it off, it’s really fun as soon as you get the hang of it.

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Martial Arts

best activities for ectomorphs:man training kick-boxing

Whether it’s karate, Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA, learning a fighting style can help you master your mind and emotions. Martial arts can help you develop a more stable emotional level, be more assertive, boost your self-confidence, and strengthen your muscles. And learning how to fight can be a crucial factor in some life situations.

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Yoga is one of the best activities for Ectomorphs. It increases your flexibility, muscle strength and tone, cardio and circulatory health, and improves your athletic performance. So regular yoga practice can significantly benefit both your mind and your body.

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Just like yoga, pilates is a great activity that you can do as an Ectomorph. It helps in strengthening and lengthening your muscles, increasing your flexibility, developing core strength, and improving your posture.

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best activities for ectomorphs: shirtless man reading a book while sitting at the beach

Reading is considered one of the best mind activities that you can do. It helps improve brain connectivity, increases your vocabulary, reduces stress, fights depression, and you become more intelligent overall. So grab your favorite novel or self-development book and read away.

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Learn a New Language

This is one of the most fun activities to spend your time on. Learning your favorite language is so exciting, it can enhance your problem-solving skills, improve your verbal and spatial abilities, improve your memory, and help you connect with people all over the world. 

Learn an Instrument

Learning to play the guitar, the piano, or your favorite instrument can be such a fun activity. Besides the fact that you’ll impress all your friends, it allows you to be smarter, relieves your stress, boosts your confidence, and improves your patience and memory.

Start a Business

If you feel like you’re having too much time to spare on your hands, then starting a business can be a great idea for you. Besides the fact that it can help you gain more money and be financially free, the hardships that come with it are a great way to learn independence and problem-solving. If you’re not sure what business to start, here are 60 small business ideas that anyone can start.


Now that you know the many benefits of doing fun activities in your life, choose an activity from this list and just go for it. I guarantee that you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and you’ll be ready to overcome your next stressful day.

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