F45 Goat Workout [Everything You Need to Know]

F45 has been rising in popularity these last couple of years since it provides a unique training experience for its members that seems to be working for a lot of them. Instead of the typical and somewhat boring gym routine where you have to come up with your own workouts, F45 does that for you so you don’t have to worry about it. With over 50 different workouts that are all different and unique, you’ll never feel bored or demotivated to train since you’ll constantly be experiencing something new. One of these workouts is called the F45 GOAT, what is it about? How is it performed? And is it worth it?

The F45 GOAT workout is a full-body resistance-based routine that consists of 6 combo and 3 regular stations. What’s unique about this workout is that you do 2 sets in Pods 1 and 2, and 4 sets in Pod 3 with an alternating timing of 60/20 and 30/10.

In this article, we’ll talk about what an F45 GOAT workout is all about, if it’s hard, and some examples of how it’s performed. 

What is the F45 GOAT Workout?

f45 Goat workout

Do you know what’s the greatest thing about F45 Training? Not the fact that they have dozens of extremely fun and innovative workouts (that’s great too!), but how they actually name them.

They always manage to come up with the best names for their workouts. According to them, they want something that has meaning, is eye-catching, and that looks cool. And that’s the case for the majority of their workouts. 

There is probably a workout for any cool name that you can think of (well, not really but you get my point!).

You have things like Renegade, Varsity, Empire, Wingman, Double Down, Quarterbacks, checkmate, Foxtrot, Athletica, and of course, the GOAT workout.

And although in some instances, these names are selected randomly just because they appear cool like the Moon Hopper workout, or give homage to a city name like Noho (North Hollywood), SoCal (Southern California), Docklands, Miami Nights, and so on, the majority of the time, these names give a slight hint of what the workout is actually gonna be about.

In the case of the F45 GOAT workout, it’s hard to figure out whether or not the name refers to the content of the training.

However, GOAT in this instance probably refers to the term “Greatest of All Time” which is a slang mainly used to complement celebrities who have achieved the “greatest” status in their professional fields.

So maybe they consider this workout to be “the greatest of all F45 workouts” (it’s definitely not).

The F45 GOAT workout is a full-body strength and resistance-based routine that consists of 9 total stations. These stations are a mix of 6 combo ones and 3 regular ones.

The way you go around the room is that you do 3 pods, 2 laps per pod, and a bit of variation in terms of sets in each pod.

Here is everything you need to know about this workout broken down:

  • Stations: 9 (6 combo + 3 regular)
  • Pods: 3
  • Laps: 2
  • Sets: 2 total in Pods 1 & 2, 4 total in Pod 3
  • Timing: 60 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest in Lap 1, 30 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest in Lap 2

F45 GOAT Workout Example:

Here are two examples of what an F45 GOAT workout will look like (keep in mind that this may look different depending on your studio).

Workout Example 1:


  • 3 pods, 15 stations, Pods 1&2 consist of 6 x combo A & B stations, Lap 1 60/20, 1 set, Lap 2 30/10, 1 set Pod 3, laps 1&2 60/20, laps 3&4 30/10, 1 set each lap


  1. A. Deadlifts
  1. B. Racked Squats Kettlebells
  2. A Press Ups
  1. B Upright Row
  2. A Lunges With Revo
  1. B Hamstring Curls With Slides
  2. A Chin Up Hold
  1. B Chest Press
  2. A Good Mornings
  1. B Sandbag Sumo Squats
  2. A Triceps Kick Backs
  1. B Bicep Curls
  2. Shoulder Taps
  3. Spider-Man Push-Ups
  4. Duck Walks

Workout Example 2:

Pod 1: 

  1. Barbell sumo Romanian deadlift tempo 4-0-1
  2. DB goblet squats
  3. Revo shoulder press
  4. DB single bent over row, alternate x 5
  5. Revo step trainer alternate reverse lunge
  6. Sandbag clean

Pod 2:

  1. Suspension Trainer Bicep Curls
  2. Db Tricep Extension Standing
  3. Dball Alternate Staggered Good Morning
  4. Soft Box Kettlebell Front Rack Step Up
  5. Ybell Double Push-Up + Top Grip Row
  6. Plate Lying Sub Scrap

Pod 3: 

  1. Burpee single leg push up
  2. Squat pulse combo x 4
  3. Bicycle ab crunch


If you’ve never done an F45 GOAT workout before and are not sure what to expect, then I hope this article made it more clear for you. Just remember that if you find it too difficult or too easy, you have full flexibility to go lighter or heavier depending on your physical ability. And if you’re not sure how an exercise is done, just ask the trainers there and they’ll be glad to help.

All that matters is that you have a solid workout and push your body to its fullest potential. 

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