OrangeTheory Orange Voyage [Everything You Need to Know]​​

During these last couple of years, OrangeTheory has become one of the most popular fitness studios out there. It’s even competing with established fitness brands such as Planet Fitness simply because it’s solving a problem that a lot of people face during their time in a normal gym, and that’s repeating the same boring workout every single day and generally not being motivated to train. To solve this, OrangeTheory offers unique daily classes, challenges, and events that all members seem to enjoy. One of these events is called the Orange Voyage, what is it about exactly? How can you benefit from it? And is it worth your time?

Orange Voyage at OrangeTheory is a month-long event that is usually held in November or July and where participants have the chance to row to every single country among the 25 where the fitness studio is located using the in-studio rower. Members grab “passports” that help track their total distance and winners that achieve certain milestones can win prizes.

In this article, we’ll talk about what OrangeTheory Orange Voyage is all about, what its path looks like, and if it’s worth your time.

What is OrangeTheory Orange Voyage?

OrangeTheory Orange Voyage

One of the best things about OrangeTheory Fitness is that it manages to come up with the most unique challenges and events that spice up the typical workout routine and adds more competitiveness between members.

You have things like Inferno workouts, Capture the Flag, Catch Me If You Can, 12 Days of Fitness, marathon month, and of course, Orange Voyage which is, in my opinion, one of their best events.

As we all know, OrangeTheory is located in 25 different countries that range from the United States all the way to Japan.

Well, the Orange Voyage at OrangeTheory is a month-long event that’s usually held in November and where participants have the opportunity to row to every single one of these countries (not literally of course) using the in-studio rowers.

Members need to buy a $25 artificial “passport” (which is just a simple piece of paper) that will help them track their total rowing distance until the end of the month. Although in some OrangeTheory studios, this passport is free and so is the cost of your participation. 

The distance that you manage to achieve will correlate directly with a specific country following a predefined path that you’ll have on your passport.

Here is what this path looks like:

orange voyage path

It starts with Fort Lauderdale which is where the first studio was established and goes through all 23 other countries where OrangeTheory is located and finishes with Fort Lauderdale again.

And here is what the passport looks like (although it may look different depending on the studio)

orange voyage passport

As you can see, on the left is where you get to track your total distance for the day (total distance of the day/accumulated total distance).

And of course, just like any other OrangeTheory event, there will be different prizes at the end for people that make it all the way through the 24 countries, people that get there the fastest, people with the most distance, and so on.

These prizes vary from one studio to another, but they’re usually OrangeTheory apparel, studio bucks, blender bottles, etc.

OrangeTheory Orange Voyage Path and Total Distance

CountryTotal Distance (meters)
Fort Lauderdale, FL0m
United Kingdom2,434m
Saudi Arabia5,824m
United Arab Emirates6,143m
New Zealand11,306m
Puerto Rico25,455m
Dominican Republic25,591m
Costa Rica26,225m
Fort Lauderdale28,801m

I tried to find a connection between the total Orange Voyage distance and the actual distance between the countries but to no use. The closest I can get is that the Orange Voyage distance in meters correlates with the distance between countries in miles. However, the distance between Fort Lauderdale and the United Kingdom is roughly 4300 miles which are almost double to 2434 meters in the above path.

Is Orange Voyage Worth it?

As I mentioned in the beginning, the cost of participation in this event depends on each studio since there are ones that offer it for free and others that put a price on it.

If your studio does this event for free, then, of course, it’s gonna be worth it for you, especially since there are prizes involved such as studio bucks, apparel, and other goodies.

If you have an extra $25 that you want to invest in yourself to improve your physique, then I don’t see how it’s not gonna be worth your time. You’re going to enjoy this event if you like competing with other members, if you enjoy rowing, and if you want to earn prizes and medals that’ll keep you more motivated to pursue your fitness journey. 


Now that you know what the Orange Voyage at OrangeTheory is all about, it’s time to get going. Not only will you have the ability to win multiple prizes and medals, but you’ll also have the ability to challenge yourself and improve your rowing skills even further. 

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