What Do Ectomorphs Excel At? [You’d Be Surprised]

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The term Ectomoprhs is usually referred to people who find it difficult to increase their muscle mass. Unlike the other body types, Ectomorphs usually spend countless hours in the gym while barely seeing any results in terms of muscle gain. So they have to be a lot more disciplined, patient, and smarter in order to overcome their genetic constraints. Based on all these remarks and characteristics, people usually come to the conclusion that Ectomorphs aren’t good at anything. I’m personally an Ectomorph and trust me when I say this: my body type is a blessing! So what do Ectomorphs excel at?

Ectomorphs tend to excel at sports that require endurance and light weight, such as long-distance running, fighting and swimming. They also look the most aesthetic when it comes to weight-lifting. Ectomorphs also make for good actors and models. And they have the most attractive body type.

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about the different activities that Ectomorphs tend to excel at.

What do Ectomorphs Excel at?

Having an Ectomorph body type is such a blessing, you get a lot of unique perks and advantages that not a lot of people do. Here are five things that Ectomorphs tend to excel at:


what do Ectomorphs excel at: Swimming

Ectomorphs excel at sports that require endurance and light weight. They don’t just excel at it, they’re perfectly built for it! Because of their fast metabolism and general characteristics, Ectomorphs usually have a low body fat percentage and muscle mass which makes their weight lighter and thus able to do a lot of physical activity without too much effort. This results in having a better endurance which can give them a huge advantage when it comes to endurance sports such as long-distance running, MMA, boxing, swimming, and many more. 

You can check out one of my previous articles where I talk about the different sports that Ectomorphs excel at. And if you want to get motivated and inspired, here are 9 great Ectomoprh athletes.


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When it comes to weight-lifting, Ectomorphs look the most aesthetic. Because of their rapid metabolism that always burns calories, they have a really low body fat percentage. This makes the muscles pop more easily. This means that even if you don’t have that much muscle mass, you’ll still look lean and shredded. 

While the other body types have to put all their efforts into the perfect diet or the perfect training routine or countless hours of cardio just to keep their body fat at a minimum, Ectomorphs can just eat whatever they want, train for just about 3 times a week, and rarely do any cardio to get the same results. It’s true that compared to these other body types, Ectomorphs have it harder in terms of muscle gain, but still, it’s way easier for them to maintain an aesthetic physique with minimum effort. But even if you can work out with ease and eat whatever you want, it’s still best to follow a workout routine and diet that’s adapted to your body type.

And if you’re not sure where to start, here is my Ectomorph workout plan and Ectomorph home training routine, as well as a perfect Ectomorph diet.

Acting And Modeling

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Ectomorphs also make for amazing models and actors. As I mentioned earlier, they look the most aesthetic out of all the other body types. This makes them the perfect candidates for acting or modeling. These two industries require specific characteristics and body features in order to succeed. Some of these features are low body fat percentage, slender body, long limbs, and small waist. All of which are pretty common characteristics that the majority of Ectomorphs tend to have. Great examples of Ectomorph actors and models are: 

  • Ryan Gosling
  • Bradd Pitt
  • Zac Efron
  • Hugh Jackman

Being Attractive

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If you’ve read the entire article so far, then you should come to the conclusion that the Ectomorph body type is the most attractive one. It has everything that makes everyone around you just stare at your body. It’s aesthetic, lean, doesn’t have much body fat, and has the perfect amount of muscle mass (Not too much and not too little). And whenever you ask a group of people about their favorite body type, they usually start describing something close to the characteristics and features of an Ectomorph. 

Here is a more in-depth article that you’ll find pretty interesting talking about if Ectomorphs are attractive.


Besides the many things that Ectomorphs tend to excel at, there are many benefits of having this amazing body type. You are more agile, you’re more likely to live longer, you’re less likely to catch many diseases like diabetes, you look great while both wearing a fitted shirt or being shirtless, you’re a source of attention, and your quality of life is better overall.

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