Is CrossFit Good For Ectomorphs?

Nowadays, you probably hear the term CrossFit a lot while exploring the internet and the different fitness programs out there. It’s no longer an elite training method that’s reserved only for the super fit. No matter where you live, you’ll probably find a Crossfit gym next to you. And inside it, you’ll find all types of people that vary from professional athletes all the way to beginners that are just getting started. It’s true that CrossFit presents many advantages for both the mind and the body, however, when it comes to Ectomorphs it also has some cons. With that being said, is CrossFit good for Ectomorphs?

Although it’s not the most optimal way of building muscles as an Ectomorph, if CrossFit is your only option, then it’s way better than staying inactive. However, if your main goal is to put on muscle mass and gain weight, then other forms of training such as weight-lifting are much more efficient.

In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages of CrossFit, as well as its disadvantages. This way, you can decide whether or not you should implement it in your training routine as an Ectomorph.

Advantages of CrossFit For Ectomorphs

There are many advantages of Crossfit that can benefit both the mind and the body. Here are 5 of them:

You’ll Be Circled With Link-Minded Individuals

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During your first day at a CrossFit gym, you’ll notice something right off the bat. And that’s the social interactions that you’ll have with the people inside it. It’s like a big family that welcomes a newborn. Whether it’s before class or right after it, the people there will always talk and interact with each other, giving encouragement, advice, compliments, and even inviting you to more social events outside the gym circle. You’ll feel right at home.

And this is a huge change from your usual grumpy typical gym where everyone works out for themselves without giving much attention to their environment. It can have many benefits for you and encourage you to push yourself during those intense CrossFit workouts.

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You’ll Always Surprise Your Muscles

If you ever hit a plateau when it comes to building muscle mass and gaining weight, or you’re starting to get bored and demotivated from your usual workout routine, then it’s probably because you’re using the same training method every time you go to the gym. This results in your body adapting quickly to your routine and thus, not providing any change or results. That’s when CrossFit comes into play for Ectomorphs. It may be the best temporary alternative in order to constantly surprise your muscles and your body. That’s because each CrossFit class is unique and you’ll be doing different exercises at different levels of difficulty. This will force your body to constantly adapt itself in order to keep up with the change. This will break any sort of plateau and will make you constantly grow your muscles.

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It’s Not Time Consuming

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CrossFit could be the most efficient way of training if you live a busy lifestyle, I mean who doesn’t nowadays? Whether it’s work, school, college, or family, it seems everyone barely finds any time to do anything. And since this training method is based on high-intensity exercises during a short period of time, it may be your best bet if you’re looking to actually gain muscles while investing little time. In some cases, you may even see better results than the typical other ways of training. In addition to that, when a workout is short, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll always be looking forward to the next one.

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It Increases Muscle Endurance

If you’re wondering what muscle endurance means, then it’s the ability of your muscles to perform at high capacity and during long periods of time without getting tired. And just like everything else in fitness, muscle endurance can also be trained which is really beneficial for athletes, people that participate in endurance sports, and also helps in our everyday life. And one of the best ways to train it is by doing CrossFit.

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It Improves Daily Habits

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From an outside view, CrossFit may seem like just a way to switch up your training method and amp up the challenge a little bit, but with time you’ll start to notice that it’s doing much more than that. People that take regular CrossFit classes start developing good and healthy habits. They’ll be improving their diets, sleeping better, recovering more, and feeling happier overall. Once you start Crossfit, you won’t get enough of it and you’ll constantly look forward to your next session.

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Disadvantages Of CrossFit For Ectomorphs

Although Crossfit comes with a lot of benefits, it still presents some disadvantages. Here are 3 of them:

It Requires a Lot Of Energy

And this is the deal-breaker for me and the reason why I rarely do CrossFit. If you read my Ectomorph workout plan, then you probably know that I always recommend for Ectomorphs to only train for about 45 minutes per session. Most CrossFit classes are usually 1 hour long, and they just require way too much energy and burn a lot of calories. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism that’s already doing the job of burning those calories. So it’s not really the most efficient way to train for this body type. Although it’s the most basic way of training, weight-lifting (And especially using heavy weights) is by far the most effective way of training as an Ectomorph.

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It’s Not Accessible For Everybody

It’s true that CrossFit can be done at any gym if it has the right types of equipment, but a true Crossfit session can only be done at some dedicated gyms that are specialized solely for this field. And as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, CrossFit gyms can be found almost anywhere, but if you live in a smaller city, that’s probably not the case. So you’ll need to go out of your way and create a workout all by yourself and do it at your local gym. But you’ll be missing one important factor, and that is the social environment that CrossFit gyms tend to have.

It Cause Cause a Lot Of Injuries

Compared to the other basic methods of training, Crossfit presents the highest risk in terms of injury to both beginners and professionals. And that’s due to the tension that it puts on the joints and muscle tendons. And although there are many benefits of Crossfit, doing it simply as a way to improve physical fitness or as a hobby is really not worth it. So if you ever decide to try out this type of training, make sure you’re accompanied by an experienced trainer or friend to reduce the risk by as much as possible.

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Now that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of CrossFit training, it’s safe to say that you’re able to easily decide whether or not you’re gonna implement it in your training routine. If you’re still not sure, then I recommend giving it a try just as a learning experience that won’t hurt. And if you’re looking for any other alternative to the basic method of training, then read my articles about yoga, german volume training, HIIT, and Pilates.

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