The Best Poses For Skinny Guys [Look Good on Every Picture]

Whether you want to impress your friends, update your social profiles, or just have fun, taking a picture can be quite a challenging thing, especially for men since most of us aren’t born photogenic. And it’s even more difficult for skinny guys because they’re too self-conscious about how they look. It could be due to their posture, their skinny arms, and legs, no matter what they do and what they try, they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. With that being said, what are the best poses for skinny guys? How can they look good in pictures?

In this article, we’ll talk about the right mindset that skinny guys need to have before taking a picture, as well as the rules that they should follow while doing so.

The Right Mindset To Have For Skinny Guys Before Taking a Picture

Before taking a picture as a skinny guy, you need to keep in mind one important thing: 

Just be comfortable and confident with who you are as a person and you’ll look good in every single picture that you take. To put this into perspective, Let’s take a look at two skinny guys with pretty much the same build and the same body shape: Josh and James.

illustration of skinny guys posing for a picture

They both need to update their social profiles with a brand new picture as it has been a while since they’ve done so. Josh is a pretty awkward guy and isn’t too comfortable with his skinny body shape, he always wears baggy clothes to hide his appearance. James on the other hand is super confident with himself, doesn’t care if he’s skinny or not, and wears clothing that fit him right. They both go to a professional photographer and ask for a picture. They both strike a pose and get their photos edited and done. Who do you think looked better? 

Well, James looked so attractive and was praised by all his friends, while Josh decided to not upload the picture at all. Why do you think this happened even though they’re both skinny guys?

Well in terms of taking a picture of yourself, it all comes down to one important factor: And that’s whether or not you’re confident and comfortable. You’ll be surprised at how attractive you’re gonna get if you increase your self-confidence. If James had followed this basic principle, he would’ve looked good in his picture, and he would’ve had enough courage to upload it and not care about what other people think.

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Rules Skinny Guys Should Follow Before Taking a Picture

Besides the most important rule of being confident in who you are as a person no matter your body shape, here are some other principles that every skinny guy should follow in order to look the best while taking a picture:

Wear Clothing That Fit

The same rule that you need to follow in terms of taking a picture can be applied to what types of clothing you choose to wear. Don’t do the same mistake that Josh did of wearing baggy clothes in order to hide your appearance. You should always wear clothing that fits right. Even though you’re skinny, you can never go wrong with a slim-fit shirt, slim-fit trousers, and some nice-looking pair of sneakers. When you wear clothes that emphasize your skinniness instead of hiding it, you’ll appear attractive to everyone around you.

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Spread Legs to Shoulder Width

When you’re taking a standing picture, you need to make sure that your legs are spread to shoulder width. This pose helps in emphasizing the shape of your pants, removes all sorts of wrinkles around them, gives your body shape a more stable look, and makes you appear more confident. When your legs are too close to each other while standing, you’ll look way too uncomfortable and awkward. And if they’re too spread, you’ll just look weird. 

Move Your Arms

skinny guy crossing arms

Don’t fall into the same category of people that take pictures while having their arms on their side unless that’s what you want to go for. Always make sure that you’re doing something with them. That could be either crossing them, putting them in your pockets, or touching your hair. You can be as creative as you want as long as it’s not too much. 

Be Creative

skinny guy jumping

The best way to avoid looking awkward while taking a picture is by being creative, interesting, and funny. Strike a pose that’s unique and that will draw attention away from being skinny. And with the thousands of repetitive pictures that people see every single day, the basic poses get pretty boring. That’s why you need to stand out from the crowd, and do something creative. Things like standing on one leg, making a goody face, or jumping while taking a picture.

Stand Far Away From The Camera

skinny guy standing far away from camera

Some of the best and most unique pictures that grab my attention instantly while scrolling through the internet are the ones where people stand far away from the camera while emphasizing the scene and the place they’re on. If you’re still too uncomfortable taking pictures, then this type of photography is your best bet. It’s super artistic and will make you look good no matter your body type. Just make sure to pick a place that’s interesting and that has a nice background. 

Take Photos While Sitting

skinny guy sitting in park

If you still can’t build up the confidence to take pictures because of your body shape, then one of the best ways to hide your skinniness is by taking pictures while sitting. This means that only your upper body will be shown. This works best when you’re sitting in a cozy cafe or a bar. Make sure that you’re smiling to add an extra layer to your attractiveness. 

Best Poses For Skinny Guys

Here are some of the best poses for skinny guys compiled in one single picture to inspire you every day.

best poses for skinny guys


At the end of the day, every single pose that you strike will look good as long you follow the most important rule of being confident in who you are as a person and how you look. Just make sure that you wear clothing that fits, stand in a position that emphasizes your build, do something with your arms, and basically be as creative as you can possibly be in order to look the best and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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