OrangeTheory Drop-in Rate [List]

OrangeTheory has become one of the most popular fitness studios out there, competing with well-established brands such as YMCA, F45, and even Planet Fitness. And to be fair, that’s to be expected since they managed to come up with a unique solution to the typical boring training routine that many of us do when we go to a normal gym. Instead, OrangeTheory offers unique daily classes, challenges, and events that put your body to the test. And since the majority of classes are extremely fun, some members book additional classes exceeding their monthly membership limit. When that happens, they usually have to pay an extra fee called a drop-in rate, what is it all about? And how much does it cost? 

Generally speaking, the drop-in rate at a majority of OrangeTheory’s studios is $28 for non-members and $18 for members with a Basic/Elite membership. However, this rate can vary from one studio to another.

In this article, we’ll talk about what an OrangeTheory Drop-in rate is all about, its estimate at different locations, and if it’s better than a class pack.

What is an OrangeTheory Drop-in Rate?

orangetheory drop-in rate

As you already know, there are different ways to join an OrangeTheory class. You can become an official member by purchasing one of the three memberships, getting a class package that lasts for a set amount of classes, or joining a class without being a member by paying a one-time fee.

Well, a drop-in rate at OrangeTheory is that one-time fee that non-members pay in order to attend one of the classes. Additionally, it can also refer to the extra fee that members pay to get an additional class after their monthly class limit is reached. 

Let me explain further by giving examples:

  • If you’re not an OrangeTheory member and want to attend one of the classes without buying a membership, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee in order to do that. That fee is called the drop-in rate.
  • If you’re already an OrangeTheory member and have a basic membership (4 classes/month), attending a 5th class will cost you an extra fee called a drop-in rate.

And these drop-in rates vary from one studio to another, more specifically it increases if your studio is considered premium.

OrangeTheory Drop-in Rate List

As a general rule of thumb, the drop-in rate at the majority of OrangeTheory’s studios is $28. In other words, if you’re a non-member and want to attend a class, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $28.

Additionally, if you’re already a member with a Basic or Elite membership and reached your monthly class limit but want to attend another one, you’ll need to pay an additional drop-in fee of $18.

However, as I mentioned in the beginning, these extra fees vary from one studio to another and it depends on whether or not your OrangeTheory studio is premium.

If it’s premium, there is usually a surcharge that you have to pay. Here’s a list of all OrangeTheory’s premium locations which will help you figure out how much extra money you need.

Nonetheless, it’s still a good idea to contact your local studio and ask them about this kind of information to get the most accurate up-to-date rates.

Drop-in vs Class Pack: Which One is Better?

As I mentioned in the beginning, you have 3 options to join an OrangeTheory class:

  • By getting a membership
  • By purchasing a class pack
  • By paying a one-time fee (drop-in rate)

I understand that getting a membership is not a good idea if you have a busy schedule so that leaves you with two other options: purchasing a class pack or paying a one-time fee every time you want to attend a class.

In order to find out which one is better, we need to do some basic calculations. Let’s say you only have the ability to join 2 classes per month:

  • Paying a one-time fee of $28 will cost you a total of $56 ($28 x 2).
  • Getting a 10-class pack will cost you $199, meaning that you approximately pay $20 per class, so 2 classes will cost you a total of $40.

Although the second option might be tempting since you save $12 per month, you need to take into consideration the fact that these class packs have an expiration date for certain studios.

So before purchasing one, it’s better to contact your local OrangeTheory studio and ask whether or not their class packs expire after a certain amount of time.

If they do (and it’s less than 5 months), then it doesn’t make sense to get them if you’re only going to attend 2 classes per class and a one-time fee is a much better option.

However, if they don’t have an expiration date or if they last for more than 5 months, then buying a class pack makes more sense.


I hope that this article made it more clear for you to know what the drop-in rate at OrangeTheory is all about and what their approximate estimation is at different locations. Just remember that this rate is different for non-members and members with a basic/elite membership. 

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