Can You Use ClassPass at OrangeTheory?

OrangeTheory is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular fitness studios. It’s even competing with well-established brands such as YMCA, F45, and Planet Fitness. And to be fair, their massive suspect is well deserved since they managed to come up with a unique solution to a problem that many people face which is working out. Instead of going to a typical gym and coming up with your own set of workouts, OrangeTheory provides daily classes, challenges, and events that you can enjoy and use to compete with other members. And if you want to become part of their little cult, you can pay a one-time fee to join a single class, get a membership, or purchase a class pack. With that being said, is there an alternative way of joining such as using ClassPass? And is it available at OrangeTheory?

Unfortunately, You can’t book any OrangeTheory classes through the ClassPass app except for some limited locations in Germany and Singapore. 

In this article, we’ll talk more in-depth about if you can use ClassPass at OrangeTheory as well as a unique way to benefit from both of them. 

Can You Use ClassPass at OrangeTheory?

orangetheory classpass

OrangeTheory is known for providing the best set of workout templates, challenges, and events that seem to work for a lot of people, and to top it off, they’re extremely fun.

You have things like Catch Me if You Can, 12 Days of Fitness, Inferno, 5×5, Lift 45, Orange Voyage, Marathon Month, Nonstop, and many more workouts.

With all of these different choices and benefits, it’s natural that a lot of people would be interested in joining OrangeTheory Fitness. However, not everyone wants to commit, especially if they’re not sure what they’re getting themselves into.

Well, in this case, that’s where ClassPass comes into play. Instead of committing to a single fitness studio by getting a membership, you can pay a monthly fee that will grant you a bunch of credits that you can use for different locations.

It’s true that you can join a single class by paying a one-time fee, but that usually comes with a high price and this kind of option isn’t even available at a bunch of fitness studios.

With that being said, all these ClassPass benefits and perks sound great and all, but can you use them at OrangeTheory Fitness?

Well, unfortunately, ClassPass isn’t available for use at OrangeTheory except for some locations in Germany and Singapore. Other than that, you can’t really book any OrangeTheory classes through the ClassPass app.

How to Use ClassPass With OrangeTheory

Even though you can’t really book any OrangeTheory classes through that ClassPass app, getting a ClassPass membership on top of your OrangeTheory one might still be a good idea for a lot of reasons.

There are two ways you can join OrangeTheory (excluding the one-time fee), you either buy a membership or purchase class packages.

The memberships grant you access to 4, 8, or unlimited classes per month depending on the level that you purchased with a price range of $59 to 159$.

Unless you have a Premier OrangeTheory membership (unlimited classes), getting an additional ClassPass membership makes a lot of sense.

For example, let’s say you have a Basic OrangeTheory membership (4 classes per month) and you finish all your allowed monthly classes 15 days prior to the end of the month but you want to have more.

You can either buy additional classes which will cost you $18 each, upgrade your membership to a better level which will increase your monthly fee, or you can add a ClassPass membership (for a cheaper price) which will grant you access to thousands of other fitness studios across the United States.

What’s great about this is that you can change things up from the whole tread/row/floor system to something new like yoga, Pilates, or barre which will open up your eyes to what other fitness studios out there might offer. And you can always go back to OrangeTheory at the start of the next month.

And what’s great about these ClassPass credits (which you get from your monthly membership), is that, unlike OrangeTheory’s classes, they roll over to the next month. So even if you don’t use them for a month, you have the ability to save them up until you’re free.


Even though ClassPass isn’t available for the majority of OrangeTheory’s locations, getting a membership with them makes a lot of sense since it gives you the ability to access hundreds of other fitness studios with different workout styles which you can try in addition to your typical OrangeTheory routine to change things up a little bit and to give yourself a brand new challenge. 

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