Should Ectomorphs Lift Heavy?

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Lifting heavy is often considered the optimal solution in order to build muscle mass, especially for skinny people that struggle to put on weight. Is that the same case for Ectomorphs?

You’re probably reading this article because you’re an Ectomorph, and you probably often ask yourself this question: “Should Ectomorphs lift heavy?

As an Ectomorph, your main goal should be to build muscle mass while burning the minimum of calories. Because of your fast metabolism, doing more reps while lifting a lighter weight would make you burn more calories than necessary which is the opposite of what you’re looking for. The more efficient way as an Ectomorph is to lift heavy for 6 to 8 reps which will burn fewer calories and engage your muscles more.

Here are 7 reasons on why should Ectomorphs lift heavy:

It Makes You Stronger

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As an Ectomorph, you are naturally strong and can lift more weight than average. So, take advantage of this trait and make sure you’re lifting heavy during your workouts. It will greatly increase the power and strength of your muscles. This will make your day-to-day activities that require some sort of strength much easier to do. And with time and consistent training, you’ll be able to lift an even heavier weight which will increase your muscle mass.

It Builds Your Confidence

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Multiple studies have shown that lifting heavy weight will greatly boost your self-confidence. Nothing comes close to the feeling you get when you break your weight PR after you put in some really hard work and persistence into your training. I’ve experienced this feeling multiple times and it’s something that I work towards every time I hit the gym. And when you build up your confidence, you automatically reduce your anxiety as well as any feeling of depression you may have and it highly increases your happiness.

It Improves Endurance

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Lifting heavy has also shown that it can greatly improve endurance and speed as well as the amount of energy your body requires in order to do physical activity. This is huge for Ectomorphs that have a rapid metabolism. By lifting heavy, not only will you stimulate your muscles more efficiently by burning fewer calories, but also over time, you’ll require less energy in order to do those same exercises. So as Ectomorphs, don’t be scared of heavy weights at all.

It Can Prevent Injuries

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Lifting heavy will actually prevent injuries. Here’s why: The heavier weights you lift, the more muscle tissues you’re going to improve and strengthen. This bonus strength will give you a more stable and stronger body which will help achieve great physical condition and ward off any sort of potential injury. Lifting heavy can also reduce back pain, and chronic pain (which are inevitable as you get older)

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It Can Stimulate Your Brain

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Lifting heavy will not only improve your muscles, but it will also build your brain. Studies have shown that heavy weights can increase the production of multiple hormones that help stimulate the brain and its cognitive functionalities. Whenever I come out of a great gym session, I always feel like I can think more clearly and more efficiently. And I feel much happier. And I’m pretty sure that’s because I focus on lifting heavy weights during my workouts.

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It Can Make You Look Really Cool

Lifting a heavy weight will make you look really cool, especially amongst friends. And you can brag about it as much as you want because you worked hard for it and you deserve recognition. The only downside is that you’ll always be asked to lift heavy objects by family members especially. But that just proves how strong you are.

It Can Fight Aging

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The more you age, the more you’re going to naturally lose muscle mass due to your declining testosterone. In order to fight that, you’ll need to lift heavy. This will not only prevent it or slow it down but it will also reverse it. And for Ectomorphs, this will be beneficial, because the more you age, the more your rapid metabolism will start to slow down which will greatly increase your muscle mass especially if you developed the habit of lifting heavy.

So now you know why should Ectomorphs lift heavy. Although It’s true that lifting light weights for more reps will increase your muscular endurance, but that won’t have much of an effect on actually building muscles which is not ideal for Ectomorphs. Focus most of your efforts and hard work on compound exercises like bench presses, pull-ups, squats, and deadlifts.

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