Can Ectomorphs Be Short?

People that have an Ectomorph body type are commonly known to be tall, lean, and skinny. This can lead us to the logical conclusion that it’s impossible for an Ectomorph to be short right? If you’re short and notice that you have some of the features that Ectomorphs tend to have, you will probably ask yourself this question: “Can Ectomorphs be short?

Height, in general, has nothing to do with one’s body type. Being an Ectomorph doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be tall. Height is mostly related to genetics and environmental factors such as nutrition. However, being a short Ectomorph can have a lot of benefits especially when it comes to building muscles.

Here are some of the benefits that come with being a short Ectomorph:

Short Ectomorphs Can Build Muscles Faster

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This is the most common struggle that all Ectomorphs tend to have. No matter how hard they train in the gym, they barely see any results. And that’s due to their fast metabolism that constantly needs energy and burns calories at a rapid rate. However, as a short Ectomorph, your body will need less energy and burn fewer calories. This can be really beneficial in order to increase muscle mass. Not only will you see results faster, but you’ll look a lot bigger than most tall Ectomorphs. 

Short Ectomorphs Need Fewer Calories To Have a Calorie Surplus

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The most important rule that all Ectomorphs need to follow in order to see decent results when it comes to building muscles, is to always have a calorie surplus. This means that if your body needs 3000 calories per day, you’ll have to feed it 3500 or 4000 calories. The extra 500-1000 calories will be going straight to growing your muscles. Now short Ectomorphs have an advantage. Because of their short frame, their bodies will need fewer calories to fuel themselves. This means that you won’t need to eat as much as a tall Ectomorph that will constantly need to fuel his long body.

Here is a good Ectomorph diet plan you can follow that works well with your body type.

Short Ectomorphs May Live Longer

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I’ve already talked about in a previous article how all Ectomorphs tend to live longer. However, short Ectomorphs are even less likely to live a short life. Multiple studies have shown that short people, in general, are more likely to live longer. And that’s because taller people are more prone to chronic conditions compared to short people. They have a reduced cancer risk, as well as a lower risk of suffering from blood clots. And a more healthy lifestyle overall.

Information Travels Faster To Your Brain When You’re short

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Studies have also shown that tall people tend to experience the world at a slower pace compared to shorter people. And that’s because the information and sensory data that’s passed down to your brain through the different neural pathways from the eyes, ears, and skin, will take longer (Approximatively one-tenth of a second longer) to fully reach the brain. So technically, if you think about it, short people live one-tenth of a second in the future.

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In Some Cases, Short Ectomorphs Are Better At Long-Distance Running

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Although I’ve already talked about how tall Ectomorphs tend to do better at endurance sports in my Ectomorph sports guide, in some cases short Ectomorphs can also dominate in certain sports like long-distance running. Studies have shown that when it comes to pounding that pavement, short people with slimmer legs have a tiny advantage. While taller people are better off with other sports like swimming and MMA that require a longer reach.

And besides my Ectomorph guide, here are 9 Ectomorphs athletes if you want to be inspired instantly as an Ectomorph.

Your Height Is What Defines You

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Many people are unhappy with their height. But when it comes down to it, it’s really what defines you. It’s extremely hard to change something that you were genetically born with it. And there’s no reason why you’d want to. You can build muscles easily, you can get away with eating less as an Ectomorph, you tend to live longer, and it has many more benefits. And you know what they say: “Good things come in small packages”. So learn to embrace who you are!

In this day and age, height rarely matters anymore. We’re no longer living in a world where you need to be physically strong and tall in order to survive. In fact, the majority of successful people are short. And even when it comes to relationships, technology has enabled us to find all sorts of love interests, no matter their heights. There are plenty of people looking for a short significant other.

And finally, the majority of us won’t become professional athletes which is where height matters the most. 

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