What Muscles Make You Look Intimidating?

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to look intimidating since not everyone has the physique for it. There are some types of muscles like the abs that will make girls flock all over you, others that will make you look and act like an athlete, and others that will indicate to everyone that they should not mess with you. If you’re looking to learn more about the latter ones, you’ve come to the right place since I’ll be answering what type of muscles make you look intimidating.

From a general perspective, muscles aren’t considered a factor that will make you look intimidating. It’s rather the charisma, confidence, and how you use those muscles in different situations that allows everyone to be intimidated by you. However, a wider back, big traps, and huge arms will make you look much bigger and more intimidating.

In this article, we’ll talk about if muscles can make you look intimidating as well as the types of muscles that do that. 

Can Muscles Actually Make You Intimidating?

what muscles make you intimidating

As I mentioned in the beginning, although some muscles can play a decent role in making you look intimidating, it’s not nearly as effective as someone with an intimidating aura around him.

To put this into perspective, let’s imagine a scenario where you have two guys in front of you, one of them has the biggest muscles that you’ve ever seen but has the nicest-looking face and acts all shy around people. The other isn’t nearly as big as the first guy but has a scar on his mean-looking face, always picks fights with people, is super confident with himself, isn’t scared of anybody, and you just feel that intimidating aura coming from him. 

Out of the two, who will you feel intimidated by the most? The big shy guy with the nice-looking face or the smaller guy that is confident in himself and has intimidating written all over his face? Although the big guy will still somewhat look intimidating from a psychological point of view since he’ll probably be bigger than you, the smaller guy will look a lot more intimidating even if he’s smaller than you. And that’s simply due to charisma, confidence, and the way you act around people. 

However, do you know what’s better than a small guy with all these intimidating characteristics? Yes, you guessed it right! A more muscular guy with these same characteristics. If you can learn how to be intimidating from your actions and personality alone, and add to it big scary muscles, no one will ever get close to you.

What Types of Muscles Make You Look Intimidating?

If you’ve got the intimidating charisma, confidence, and personality all figured out, you can now focus on building the muscles that will be the finishing touch to looking the most intimidating out of everybody you know. And here are the types of muscles that you should focus on:

The Back

If you want to look intimidating, I highly recommend focusing on having a wide back that looks obvious even when you wear clothes. Even if you have the biggest shoulders or the largest chest, having a narrow back will only make you smaller and prevent that intimidating look. Make sure that you’re never skipping your pull-ups or back day in general. 

The Traps

Having big traps isn’t something that’s common for casual lifters which is exactly why you should target them. Looking unique and different from other guys is one of the best ways to look intimidating. And besides that, traps give such a powerful look that not a lot of guys have. Just look up “big traps” on Google and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Having two big balls underneath the neck is what will literally give off the vibes of “Don’t mess with me” and will instantly intimidate people.

The Arms

Having big arms is the literal definition of “I can fight”. You’re never gonna look intimidating if your arms don’t look big enough to pack a solid punch. If you want to achieve that easily, make sure that you focus on your triceps more during your workouts since they represent 70% of your arms but also don’t just ignore your biceps since having big round bulky ones when you bend your arms is always nice.

The Legs

Let’s not forget about the legs, since having skinny ones with a big upper body will make everyone around you mock you instead of feeling intimidated by you. Never skip leg day, not only will that balance out your physique, but it’ll also support your big upper body which is necessary. Focus on those squats if you really want to look intimidating.


Although looking intimidating has its perks, giving off that mean aura is not always the best option since that’ll only pull people away from you. If you don’t care about that, then make sure to focus on your intimidating confidence, charisma, and personality first, then afterward, target the muscles that I mentioned in this article and you’ll look intimidating in no time. 

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