Best Shoulder Exercises For Ectomorphs [Unleash Your Aesthetic]

There is no denying that one of the first things that you notice on someone that has a nice physique is their shoulders. Whenever I watch superhero movies, all the heroes had one thing in common in terms of their bodies. And that’s 3D-looking shoulders that give them a pretty nice V-shape. And sculpted shoulders look good on pretty much anyone especially for Ectomorphs since they naturally have a naturally lean physique. The shape of the shoulders will help in enhancing a man’s or female’s frame and looking the best while wearing a shirt or T-shirt.  And that’s why you need to look for the best shoulder exercises for ectomorphs in order to unleash your aesthetic.

Training your shoulders as an Ectomorph has a lot of benefits that go beyond looking good. Shoulder exercises offer great functionality in real-life situations, they enhance posture, prevent injuries, and can boost confidence. The best shoulder exercises for Ectomorphs can vary from shoulder presses, dumbbell lateral raises, shrugs, and so on.

In this article, we’ll first talk about the several benefits of training your shoulder muscles, as well as the many shoulder exercises that are great for Ectomorphs.

Benefits Of Shoulder Exercises For Ectomorphs

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One of the best things about the shoulder muscles is that they’re always engaged whenever you do back chest exercises. However, performing exercises that focuses solely on working your shoulders can have a lot of benefits.

They Help In Real-Life Situations

The stronger your shoulder muscles are, the easier for you to do some major arm movements. Whether it’s to lift your kids or your pets, throw a ball during your favorite sport, take out the trash, or lift a suitcase, training your shoulders can have a lot of benefits in terms of some real-life situations. You’ll find it much easier to do a lot of activities that require strength. In addition to that, the majority of upper-body exercises require you to have strong shoulder muscles in order to lift heavier weights which is beneficial for Ectomorphs since they always need to be lifting heavy in order to train efficiently and effectively.

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They Prevent Injuries

If you read some of my past articles and more specifically my Ectomorphs workout plan, then you know that I always recommend for Ectomorphs to lift heavy. That gives them the most efficiency in terms of training. But in order to lift heavy, especially during chest and back exercises, then you absolutely need to have strong shoulders. Otherwise, you increase the risk of harming yourself during those intense heavy movements. In addition to that, shoulder exercises also have the ability to prevent injuries while practicing your favorite sport that relies heavily on arm movements. Whether it’s swimming, baseball, or tennis, having bigger shoulders can even help you outperform your competition.

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They Boost Your Confidence

Imagine the great feeling you’re gonna get while wearing your favorite T-shirt and having your shoulders muscles pop out which gives you a 3D look. This is very likely to happen if you take shoulder exercises seriously. It’ll boost your confidence levels and make you even more excited to hit your next gym session. Shoulders play a big part in terms of your appearance and can be the main difference in whether or not you look big. So training them should be one of your top priorities. 

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Best Shoulder Exercises For Ectomorphs

I bet you’re all excited now after learning the benefits of shoulder exercise and ready to know all the best training that can you do for them. Here are the best shoulders exercises that you can do as an Ectomorph.

Barbell Shoulder Press

best shoulder exercises for ectomorphs: barbell shoulder press

This is the base of any shoulder workout, and one of my favorite exercises overall. It will not only work your shoulders but will engage your entire upper body, making it one of the best shoulder compound movements that you can do especially as an Ectomorph. This exercise works also your triceps, your trapezius muscles, and most importantly your core (obliques, abdominal muscles, and lower back). So incorporating it regularly into your workout session can be a great addition in order to maximize your muscle growth potential.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

best shoulder exercises for ectomorphs: dumbbell shoulder press

I know what you’re thinking, surely there isn’t that big of a difference between using barbells and dumbbells, right? Well, that’s where you’re completely wrong, there is in fact a huge difference. A shoulder workout is simply not complete and efficient without the use of dumbbells. Besides the fact that they engage multiple shoulder muscles, using dumbbells gives you the ability to not overuse one side of your body over the other. While using the barbell, if your dominant hand is the right one, then you’ll automatically lift the bar using that dominant side more. However, if you use dumbbells, then you’re forcing both your sides to lift the same amount of weight, which can get rid of any unbalance and inequality in terms of training. They’re harder to do but they’re definitely more rewarding.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

best shoulder exercises for ectomorphs: lateral raises

This is a great exercise if you want to target the backside of your shoulders (The most difficult one to target). It mainly affects the middle deltoids but can be beneficial for your entire body overall if you perform it correctly. That’s because the position you need to hold in order to execute this movement will greatly improve your posture. And there are two main types of dumbbell lateral raises. The one that you do while bent over, and the one where you’ll stay straight. Both versions have the same benefits, but if you’re just starting out I highly recommend going with the straight one since it isn’t as challenging and works the shoulders more fully.

Dumbbell Front Raise

best shoulder exercises for ectomorphs: front raises

This is pretty much the same as the lateral raises but instead of lifting the dumbbells by your sides, you lift them in front of you. Besides being a great functional exercise, doing it will engage and activate the front part of your shoulders which helps in giving you that 3D look.


illustration of woman doing knee pushups

This may sound like a surprise to you, but unlike what most people think, pushups are not only a chest exercise but they’re also one of the best shoulder exercises. It’s one of the best fundamental movements that maximize muscle growth in the entire upper body. And what’s great about them, is that they can be done from practically anywhere and without equipment. So they’re great if you’re just starting out.

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Barbell Shrugs

I know that these are not the typical movements that you would see normally, but they’re really beneficial, especially for Ectomorphs that are looking to get bigger shoulders. I highly recommend implementing them into your workouts but leaving them till the end of your session to finish your workout with a bang.


Even if your aim is to only tone your shoulder muscles, then these exercises can be a great addition to your training routine. Not only do they present a lot of benefits, but they are also great for overall muscle growth. Be sure to check out my Ectomorph workout plan if you’re looking to train according to your body type.

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