The Best Colors For Skinny Guys

When it comes to fashion, there is one important tool in everyone’s arsenal that not everybody seems to use to their advantage. I’m not talking about a specific type of shirt, shoes, pants, or some form of magical secret formula that’s going to make you more attractive instantly. I’m talking of course about colors. Choosing the right color for your body type can be the only difference between having a good outfit and a bad one. And for skinny guys especially, there are certain colors that you need to avoid as much as possible and there are other ones that you should be wearing on a regular basis. With that being said, what are the best colors for skinny guys?

Skinny guys should focus more on wearing lighter colors such as white, aqua, and beige since it makes them look bulkier and bigger than they actually are. They should also avoid dark colors such as black as much as possible since most of them slim one’s body shape which is not suitable for guys that are already skinny.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best colors for skinny guys, the benefits of wearing them, as well as the ones that they should avoid.

The Best Colors For Skinny Guys

In this section, we’ll analyze each of the best colors that suit skinny guys and the benefits that you’ll get from wearing them.

White Color

skinny guy wearing white color

This is my favorite color to wear and it should be your go-to color too if you’re a skinny guy since it’s the best one that works to our advantage. It accentuates the body shape and will give off the impression that you look bigger and bulkier than you actually are. In addition to that, this color works great on hot days since it helps your body to stay cool and fresh during the whole day because it reflects heat and sunlight. 

There is a reason why most hospital workers wear white since it creates a sense of comfort, cleanliness, and simplicity.

And the best thing about it is that it works great with all styles and outfits. I can’t think of a style that doesn’t implement this amazing color somewhere in it.

So if you’re skinny, and you can’t decide what color will work best for you, I highly recommend trying this one out and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. 

Beige Color

skinny guys wearing beige color

If you think about the closest color to white, I’m sure that the first thing that will come into your mind is the color beige. If you’re too bored of wearing white, switching to beige from time to time is a great idea. It plays the same role of making you look big while being unique so it’s perfect for skinny guys. It’s also a versatile color that works with pretty much any outfit and style. And according to the color psychology of beige, it’s neutral, calm, relaxing, and is considered a color of energy and strength.

Light Blue Color

skinny guy wearing light blue color

As a skinny guy myself, I personally have so many t-shirts and shirts of this color. And I get so many compliments when I wear them. For some reason, I’ve heard from my friends that it makes my skinny body look great and it accentuates my chest and shoulders. And I’m sure that’s the same effect that it’s going to have on you. But then again, it all depends on the fit of the shirt or the t-shirt that you chose to wear. 

And besides that, everybody knows that blue is the main symbolizer of health, serenity, tranquility, and calmness which will make you instantly likable and attractive.

Light Pink Color

skinny guy wearing light pink

Believe it or not, this color works great with skinny guys and I’ve seen many pull it off. If you’re too self-conscious about wearing pink because it’s too feminine, you won’t find a problem with its lighter variations because they lean towards white. And because of that, it’ll have the same effect on your skinny body shape making it look bigger and more muscular.

And on top of that, this color represents love, romance, and tenderness which will instantly make you more charming. 

Any Light Variation of a Color

light colors

Besides these four main colors mentioned in this article that look the best on skinny guys, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just them. In fact, any light variation of any color can easily be pulled off by skinny guys. For example, If you like green, you should consider going for light green. Be as creative as you can possibly can as long you don’t choose colors that are too dark.

Colors That Skinny Guys Should Avoid

Just like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, skinny guys should avoid dark colors as much as possible. That’s simply because these dark colors play a huge role in making you appear slim and skinny since they draw the attention away from your body, head, and arms, and help in hiding any bumps, bulges, or defects that your body may have. So if you’re already skinny, wearing dark colors such as black isn’t really that good of an idea.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it at all, on the contrary, in my blog, I always tell people to wear anything that they like as long as they’re happy and comfortable with themselves. Because while doing so, you’ll automatically appear more confident and attractive. 

So if you’re feeling bold, don’t ever hesitate to wear black since it’s a color that will make you look cool. 

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As you can see, even skinny guys have a large selection of colors that they can choose from. Whether it’s white, beige, light blue, or pink, if you want to appear bigger and bulkier than you actually are, go for lighter variations of any color. If you’re confident and comfortable with yourself and your body shape, then you can also experiment with darker colors since they will make you more attractive.

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